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Confused about heat leaking through abyssalite

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This happened last game too. When I dig close to the magma, it starts frying the surrounding area, even though there's abyssalite in between. I know the abyssalite and magma are very hot, but if abyssalite has 0.0001 or less thermal conductivity like it says,  there's no way in hell that it should do this. In a matter of seconds I might add. So what's going on here exactly?







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1 hour ago, Daxterr said:

So what's going on here exactly?

I believe it is caused by multiple factors:

  1. Mined abyssalite also has temperature and it exchanging with liquid it is in.
  2. Conductivity in ONI is an average value between two materials (so in this case it is half conductivity of oil)
  3. Mass. Amount of liquid is relatively low, but mass of tile/mined material is high, so it bleeds enough heat to heat the liquid.
  4. While thermal conductivity is low, temperature difference is so high that amount of heat transferred is still significant
  5. Abyssalite has 'insulator' property, but 'ONI insulator' works between two layers, you might need two layers of natural abbysalite to completely stop heat transfer.

P.S. I also encountered this issue, and I suspect that 'insulator' property might be more powerfull and makes the materials in question use conductivity of insulator instead of average, but abyssalite on ground does seem to exchange heat with environment normally regardless of 'insulator' property.

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The problem may look spectacular, but how much effect do you really see? If you just have a few milligrams or less of Petroleum, it looks pretty much like this as there can only be one material in a tile in ONI. 

Before, Absyssalite was a perfect insulator, which it is not anymore. It is still very, very good.

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