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  1. Hello, if a duplicant tries to depressurize an Oil Well and there is no water in the connected pipe, it won't work. The dupe will just stand in front of the well and the working animation of the well will start.
  2. I get a crash while loading my recent manual save file. The last autosave is still working. Game build is 461546. The game files where verified on steam. No mods are or were active on this save. Exception in: (KeroseneEngineClusterSmallComplete).RocketEngineCluster+States.GoTo(root.idle.grounded) System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ClusterTraveler.RemainingTravelNodes () [0x00007] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at ConditionSufficientOxidizer.EvaluateCondition () [0x00068] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at CraftModuleInterface.EvaluateConditionSet (ProcessCondition+ProcessConditionType conditionType) [0x0001c] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at CraftModuleInterface.CheckPreppedForLaunch () [0x0000a] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at RocketEngineCluster+States.IsReadyToLaunch (RocketEngineCluster+StatesInstance smi) [0x0000e] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at GameStateMachine`4+EventTransitionData[StateMachineType,StateMachineInstanceType,MasterType,DefType].Evaluate (StateMachineInstanceType smi) [0x0000f] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at StateMachine`4+GenericInstance[StateMachineType,StateMachineInstanceType,MasterType,DefType].PushState (StateMachine+BaseState state) [0x002a6] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 at StateMachine`4+GenericInstance[StateMachineType,StateMachineInstanceType,MasterType,DefType].GoTo (StateMachine+BaseState base_state) [0x0021e] in <eb66e11ce9304be3a85efe365fa4150f>:0 UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object, Object) Debug:LogError(Object, Object) DebugUtil:LogErrorArgs(Object, Object[]) GenericInstance:GoTo(BaseState) Instance:StartSM() GenericInstance:StartSM() RocketEngineCluster:OnSpawn() KMonoBehaviour:Spawn() KMonoBehaviour:Start()
  3. @Ipsquiggle I opened a bug report. It happens after multiple save/reload while a rocket is underway.
  4. This happens reproducable in build 296878. If a rocket is underway and you make 2 save/reloads, than you will have missing rocket parts. Before launch: Before launch.sav After first save/load: First save.sav After second save/load: Second save.sav So, what happens if you wait for the rocket? Well, if you make no save/reload everything is fine. If you reload the first save, then you will have no LOX used: If you reload the second save after launching then you will have this happening. The command modules are returning but the research and the LOX modules are missing: The petrolium wasn't used, too:
  5. Back in August I posted three bugs for the debug mode tools. They still happen in the testing branch if you want to copy or delete a machine you build and tested in debug mode. Is there there a possibility that this will be fixed, too?
  6. When a dupe eats a vitamin chew, the won't play the eating animation anymore. They will just stand still:
  7. Happend to me when I updated to the Space Industry Update, too. I'll upload my save. This save file was written by build RU-285480. Load it with this version, the problem won't occur here. If you load it with SU-290532 you will see that in the first shown frame there are no regolith blocks. In the next few seconds (while still paused) many regolith blocks are spawning, they will even stack up to the top of the map. Planet 72.sav First shown frame: After loading, still paused:
  8. I saved after I started my rocket and reloaded the game. Now all the rocket modules exept the command module are missing: 1x steam engine, 3x research module. In the attached save file you can see the rocket will return without the modules. Gossmann will be kicked out of the rocket when the landing is complete. Save file before launching: Planet 73 SU-Update.sav Save file before landing: Planet 74.sav
  9. The Space Scanner will recognise a rocket too late. The Scanner needs to detect the rocket earlier so the bunker doors can open up completly. Currently they will be destroyed: Savefile: Planet 74.sav
  10. The text of the starmap can now be translated into other languages other than english.
  11. This seem to happen to other materials, too. For example you can build a wire out of hot iron and it will reset to a maximum temperature after it's build.
  12. I just rebuild your setup. 1. Your right, your NOT-gate blocked the signal to being active. In your screenshot the gate wasn't connected to anything so it sends always active at its output. When you have multiple sensors on one line and one sensor is active the other sensors won't matter (if they are active/inactive). 2. You have a backflow in your setup which slows it down by 50%. Build a bridge between these two points to double the flow: 3.1 I don't understand what you are doing with the bottom sensor. Water at -20 °C will freeze and destroy the pipe. So there can't be any water at this point. 3.2 If your system runs dry you won't be able to activate the aquatuner with the bottom sensor anymore. This would happen if the last water at the middle sensor is lower than 0 °C and then at the bottom one higher than -20 °C. 3.3 Maybe you wanted your bottom sensor to be above -20 °C, so your aquatuner won't cool it any further?