How about a cursor for in-game?

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We tried making a cursor for the Chrome version back in the day, but there was no way to do it without introducing mouse lag (long story). I suppose there's nothing stopping us from doing it on steam, though...

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I absolutely agree with this idea.

For me, I prefer a scarecrow hand so that it's more unique than cutting Maxwell's hand and make it a cursor and making you look like you're him controlling the character whom Maxwell wants to kill them.

Maxwell's hand would be kind of silly.

I am for actually still a cursor, not a hand or anything. Just a plain, self-drawn cursor.

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I have just recently bought this game on steam, after watching many "lets play" sessions and live streams, and just have to say this game is great!! The only thing that bothered me was that darn cursor! So I thought maybe I suggest a different cursor and there seems to be a thread already about it... so i will just post here that a cursor in line with the graphic style of the game would be awesome!!

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