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How to make Charcoal

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Make a torch, and drag that torch from your inventory onto a tree to ignite it, but keep in mind that the fire can spread to any other nearby flammable objects, so be careful to not accidentally start a massive forest fire or set your own base on fire.Once the tree has finished burning, just chop it with an axe to get the charcoal.

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I burnt my whole entire wooden place down, why did this happen? Wood is supposed to be fire proof! I just wanted some charcoal and now everything is gone. I hate this method ;_;.

no dis relly happend i ned a new sav becuz of it

lol wood isnt fire proof STONE is fire proof
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plant pinecones close together but away from any flower, tree or grasshave a torch in your inventory (not in your hand) click on torch click on tree you just plantedmove so you don't catch on firewhen the trees stop burning chop them with an axe and pick up the charcoal

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