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  1. Hello,Is there a possibility to move structures to another location?I found only the hammer item, but it's not the same.Thanks!
  2. Yes I know this method, but it's too slow. I have a few spider eggs too.
  3. Hello,I want to know the easiest way to farm silks, please give me tipps how can I do that.Thank you.
  4. Hello,Is there a possibility to work in the night? I have a torch but it's not so optimal because I can't do nothing.Thank you for the answers!Regards,Since
  5. I think I checked that but didn't work. I'll give it a shot again. Thank you all for the tips, was really helpfull!
  6. It's me again...I started a new game, and it didn't work well...I have built a Crockpot for my Berries, but I'm running out. Manure is on the other side, I have Pigs nearby but I must feed them with Berries to get Manure.I tested the farming prozess, is toooo slow.I killed some spiders for their meat, but I'm running out of food...
  7. How can I get a beefalo? Can I tame it somehow? I didn't find any beefalo on the map, I searched the entire map but nothing...
  8. Good morning to everyone,Currently I'm on the 21 Day, this is my 3rd attempt, but I have food issue. I have one Bee hive, 2 normal farms and 1 turbo farm.The one bee hive give me 7 honey, but the hunger indicator is not satisfying... I'm tried to plant some seeds, but my best harvest gives me +25-30 hunger.I tried to pick up berries, but the animal is eating all of my berries :)I tried to catch rabbits, but I need carrots for it, and this is also not satisfying :)Please give me tips or an advice how can I proceed I don't want to die :)Thank you!Regards,Since
  9. Hello,I want to know how to make charcoal, I know that I must burn trees but how can I make it burn? Thank you!