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Hello guys! (•ω•)/

I put this post on not just because I want to know about others’ idea about what aggressive (or special) creatures can be added, but also gathering ideas from everyone.


Your ideas are one of the greatest power to help the game develop into popular game!


Start with mine first:

Morboss (large morb)

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3 minutes ago, InternetGuy said:

My answer will and now forever be Xenomorphs

Yeah, scary but cool sci-fi beasts can be possible,

But Klei must come along with copyright first, unless they make their own Xenomorphs.

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Explosive snails from the magma biome (i suggested them before as a steel source).

Frozen yeti in the ice biome. - Keep it cold or you will get eaten.

Large spiders. - territorial, will attack if somebody comes close to their nest. Produces useful webs. If a dupe gets incapacitated it will wrap them in a web keeping him alive until saved... or until it gets hungry.

Vampire bats. Will chase and attack dupes and critters but after a few attacks they will be fed and remain unagressive until hungry again. Can be tamed but still need to be fed by Meep getting bitten a few times. Maybe could poop something useful.

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How about 'machine moss'.

It starts out as a germ, that can be 'aquired' from visiting space. The astrodupe that is infected will spread it on contact.
The germ is harmless to dupes, however any machinery they touch will get infected, and slowly break down, as it gets eaten by a moss.

Any uninfected dupes that touch infected machines ( or infected dupes once we get relations 18.0 or higher ) also get infected. To get rid of the germ requires washing hands with bleachstone, not just water. Exposure to chlorine will also kill said germ.


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