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A saved game loose stability

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I am giving a chance one more time to this game but every time i'm loading a previous save game , the colony start falling apart , nobody respects their priorities and everyone gets stressed by only doing his job ( Farming ). 

The devs added too much stuff but the game logic and priorities are still a mess. 


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I'm talking about recent updates , recent savegames , like 1 day old from the latest update.

I wasn't playing the game since 2 updates ago and i started a normal game from scratch, saved yesterday and today , i can't play anymore, every dupe is messing arround and got stressed only by doing his job. 

By the way, I'm using steam for linux.


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I`m not sure about what is happening with the priorities. I didn`t have many problems but recently dupes decided that they rather walk to the edge of the map for iron ore than use some that is stored right next to them. Forced me to unload all the compactors to keep my base going. Hope that gets fixed soon.

As for the stress now we have a morale system. If you give your dupes advanced jobs (like framer for example) they will get a stress due to higher expectations. Farmer has a 12 morale expectation iirc. This means that to keep him not stressed you need to provide him some stuff. Great hall gives +6 but can be hard to set up without an artist. Toilet being a room gives +1; it will give +2 if it`s all plumbed toilets. Multiple rooms give bonuses. Also you can get up to 4 for giving them a longer break time. Decor also counts but it averages the decor from the whole day so it`s harder to keep up for dupes working outside the base. And obviously food. Meal lice is -1 but BBQ is +16.

Just don`t assign higher tier jobs before you get your morale higher and you should be fine.

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I didnt know of the new morale system and found out about it a few days ago, didnt play for 2 months. I must say that going through the game screens and functions I was able to pinpoint the problems fairly easy. However, I have lots of game time on the clock and I can imagine that for some players everything can be a bit overwhelming. I figured that its possible to switch off morale ( also food etc. ) completely on a fresh start.

Food, Morale, Germs, no Oxygen, I`llness ( Sunburnt, Cold etc. ) and multiple of these things at the same time occuring as a combo can make the game very challenging. I find it great that its possible to switch off these factors for new games, so that players can start with a bit more personal preference.

For those who want to start fresh, easy settings:


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