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Why Did My CO2 Disappear

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Hi guys, I need help again.

I have a mushroom farm. Straightforward design, mushroom at bottom in CO2, together with Morb spitting PO2, and puffs above pooping slime. And auto sweeper pick slime up fertilizing mushrooms.

because I worried about CO2 overfloating the room, about 1 tile above mushroom head, I have an air tile for excess CO2 to get out. So first time CO2 nearly all gone after a while, so I moved that air tile up one block. And again CO2 were all gone. So I moved air tile up again to very high, and CO2 gone again. I’m very curious is it a bug? Or do pufts have a CO2 eating variation? Or Morb spitting PO2 actually destroy some gas at the spitting spot?

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19 minutes ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

I sealed off my mushroom farm and in 30 cycles I haven't lost any CO2 at all.  

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The atmo sensor is set to "below 4000" and once the room filled up, it hasn't turned on again.

It doesn't happen in a single gas room as implied by the original post.

I typically have a CO2 sink at the bottom of my base to store food in CO2. Simply the bottom of the base being shaped like a U keeping CO2 in and just spilling over the base entrances by itself. Before that would be automatically maintained by the dupes' exhaled CO2 sinking down from above. Now however I must constantly actively add a bit of CO2 because some of it keeps disappearing which is quite annoying.

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I turned off my pumps and let the CO2 build up while I was at work today.  I think it ran for something like 80 cycles.  Anyway, with an oxygen pressure of around 1800g the CO2 built up to a density of 1450 to 1500g before 'spilling' out the airflow tile.  I'm uncertain if any actually disappeared, since I have another mechanism in place to prevent CO2 from entering the living space -- but its clear that CO2 doesn't pressurize as densely as oxygen.

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On 9/9/2018 at 3:22 PM, blash365 said:

Did the mass of the gas also change? It might be simply a pressure issue. 1000g co2 can be one tile at 1000g or 4 tiles at 250g.

i also thought it was pressure change, until no CO2 was all gone lol. I think it's newly spawned PO2 from slime or Morb destroyed a little bit of CO2. Also i don't know how to check sum of mass outside debugging mode.

On 9/9/2018 at 11:46 PM, Bagdar said:

yo de la nada he empezado a producir menos oxigeno del que producia, 1500 ciclos sportando 13 duplicantes y 13 trajes y ahora de pronto empieza a escasear me parece muy extraño

tal vez lo perdiste en el espacio?

On 9/10/2018 at 2:15 AM, KittenIsAGeek said:

I sealed off my mushroom farm and in 30 cycles I haven't lost any CO2 at all. 

The thing was that i was producing PO2 and slime in that room as a self-sustainable system, mixed gases may be responsible for disappearing CO2.

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Here's a couple of examples from my current game. I noticed that with my power banks set up all gases except polluted oxygen got deleted. There was chlorine, oxygen, CO2 and a little bit of natural gas inside both of these. And before you ask, the mixed gases was deleted long before the gas pumps in them turned on. I'm not sure at the exact point but when the polluted oxygen pressure reached about 1200g/tile all other gases was gone. The gas pump is set to pump at 1800g/tile pressure.



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