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Is research mach slower now?

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I might be wrong, but I started a new colony in the new update and now it is cycle 25 and I researched only 2 T 2 technologies. It does feel much slower, or it may be just me did not get any good research dups. 

This is not a complain, just an observation. It may be a not a bad idea to make research slower so we can experience different challenges on a different level of research. I am just afraid I will die from heat before I get any heat protection/deletion options.

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You might be used to your experienced dupes from an old colony (in which update did you create your last colony?).

Another possible reason would be priorities. Maybe your researcher is too easily distracted by doing other tasks (or the water and dirt are not delivered for similar reasons). Try to double-check your priorities. I usually go with 1 dedicated researcher per colony, the others just ignore research tasks, while "the expert" draws thousands of perpendicular lines at the research station.

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according to this chart, there were perhaps operating around the supersonic - hypersonic mach speed of researching, but perhaps as they have passed out of the planets atmosphere and away from its gravitational drag, the mach has indeed lowered and they are merely subsonic now.


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