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  1. There are no hotkey for shipping buildings (Plan13) and shipping button does not show a hotkey ()
  2. [Game Update] - 288566 & 288641

    And what happens when I build bunker doors in all my surface, there are no benefit there. I prefer a material converter not a deleter :/
  3. And we need to freeze the liquid visco gel for build a plastic tile, Isn't better use a empty bottle for build a liquid airlock with the visco gel ?
  4. When you refine the visco-gel, do you get a solid debris or a liquid bottle ?. If we get a solid debris we need to refine this material in frozen areas
  5. Super coolant SHC = 8.440 it's a lot compared to water (4.005 IIRC). Now is very effective use this super coolant as liquid radiator. But is a late game material.
  6. [Game Update] - 284571

    I think that it's a rocket engine not yet implemented
  7. [Game Update] - 283915

    You can pump hot liquids like magma, liquid and gas pump have a "pump path" different to their image (square 4 tiles)
  8. [Game Update] - 283532

    It's a giant bottle with 5 ton PH2O
  9. [Game Update] - 283325

    Omg my gif... Mae are alive now, I reload my game <3
  10. First I put the fossil to lime recipe, as you can see I have 5 t, my dupes will operate this machine as normal. But if I reload/save and load/load my game the recipes change for egg shells to lime, as you can see, the recipe says that 700 g of shells is missing.
  11. Rooms issue

    I reported that before. Just search, is fixed in an upcoming patch
  12. an undisturbed solar panel

    Same for steam turbine
  13. Rooms issue

    A dupe need to paint the Canvas for be considered a decor item. Do it and you will have a great hall. The barracks have more than 64 tiles.
  14. As you can see, the decor bonus string for materials like cooper, sandstone, granite, etc is wrong. decor bonus for cooper is 10% When I construct 1 mess table with cooper ore, the bonus value is right, decor = 10 (decor base) + 10% = 11
  15. [Game Update] - 283065

    Fossil in oil biome
  16. Dead Dupes Blinking

    I test it, sorry Mae, I will reload my game
  17. Food perception traits don't work

    Catalina have simple tastes buff, cycle 4 and I only have -1 quality food (for catalina should be quality 0 giving 0 moral) but she have grisly meal = -1 moral. So food expectation buff and debuff don't work. It is useless to choose dupes with these characteristics until you solve it
  18. I was testing with food and food perception and I found that Ren (he have -1 food perception trait) ignore this value. I think that the formula is : 1) food quality + food percep trait = food_quality_level 2) Get morale for (food_quality_level). But it seems that the first formula didn't work. For Ren, who can only eat BBQ: 1) 5 + (-1) = 4 2) Get morale for food_quality 4 = 12 (Consumables panel works fine). But you can see that Ren get +16 Superb Meal Same for Nikola (who have trait +1), he only can eat Stuffed Berry. Formula for Nikola 1) 4 + 1 = 5 2) 2) Get morale for food_quality 5 = 16 (Consumables panel works fine again). But you can see that Nikola get +12 Great Meal. I share my save file test, only need to wait for leisure time. Test EU.sav
  19. Uncultured trait adds 20 to decor perception

    Yes, it's how it works. The OP is wrong
  20. I found this in code: public const float MAX_STRESS_QOL = 0.0416666679f; public const float MIN_STRESS_QOL = -0.0416666679f; +41.67%/-41.67%
  21. I can confirm that isn't new. Expressive Upgrade code: Rock Granulator 80W buildingDef.SelfHeatKilowattsWhenActive = 16f; Ranch MKII code: Rock Granulator 80W buildingDef.SelfHeatKilowattsWhenActive = 16f;
  22. I think isn't new, because you can see 80W here (ONIpedia) and this page isn't updated regularly
  23. thx, Do you know the maximum number ?
  24. [Game Update] - 279007

    High morale = -20 % stress Low morale = +10 % stress