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Love for The Creators


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Line up here to say we LOVE YOU KLEI

And how much we love our Mods giving feedback, answering questions and generally being fairly awesome.

I declare this a love forum.

I love that Kevin puts up with me shouting his name in forums

That Joe is always ready to offer potential solutions.

I love our hidden designers and makers who make Dont starve so awesome each day and better each tuesday!

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  • Developer

Awwww, thanks guys!

Honestly, it's just refreshing to be able to interact with my game's audience in real-time. Usually when you are working on a game, it's under a cloud of secrecy for like 70% of its development time. And then, once you release it, it is very expensive, or even impossible to make changes or fix anything. I know of people (from other companies) who have been fired for just dropping hints in online forums about what they are working on.

I love this new open style of development. Having a receptive audience to try new ideas on while we make the game is awesome, and I think it will result in a better game in the end.

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Edit: What the… I thought for sure there was a post above mine…

You've finally done it, haven't you? You ninja'd yourself. I told you to be careful with those powers...

I love being a part of the development process.

I love being a guinea pig, specially when I find out they actually added something I suggested :D

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