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[Game Update] - 272219

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Not 100% sure if this is the update that did it but now I noticed it:



Trasit tube crossings inside a vacuume or surrounded by neutronium change their temperature.

(Tiles/Metal tiles/Tubes/Pipes/Wires ... are keeping their temperature under this conditions)


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Ok you make me rethink my neutronium example^^ (Though of neutronium like a "solid vacuume" tile for the purpose of heat transfer)

But if i place something surrounded by vacuume there should be NO change in temperature right ?

(And if neutronium does conduct heat why didn´t the temperature of anything else change ? (testest metal tiles/ tubes / wires /pipes ...) My picture shows just one of a long row of 1 tile spaced boxes with some 0,15K building inside and the only building changing temperature is the transit tube crossing)

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