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Suggestion: Space Cows, Milk, and Cheese.

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In addition to shockworms and volgus, there's one more critter I'd like to see added to the game before they call it a wrap on ranching.  I'd like an analogue to cows.  I'm thinking such a creature would be two tiles high and two tiles wide, and it would produce milk.  Chefs could then turn milk into cheese (a mid-tier food), which could then be combined with other ingredients to make top-tier foods.  And with proper end-game techs, the milking process could be automated.

Possible recipes include...

  • Egg + Cheese = Scrambled Eggs
  • Meat + Cheese + Frost Bun = Cheeseburger
  • Pincha Pepper + Cheese = Stuffed Pepper
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6 hours ago, TG pro said:

This is a mu- lti suggestion (I am out of ideas) 

If you were a dupe in my colony you'd be banished to pits to spend the rest of your days working in slime disposal for such an awful pun.  :D

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