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Found 6 results

  1. We all want to make cooking easier but the devs want us to work for it. So how about advance research which will allow you to add more queues to your cooking station which could be prioritized. Here's hoping...
  2. Maybe you can add plans for a boat in the future? It could lead to tropical jungles filled with goodies and perils. (Man Eating Plants, Pygmy Cannibals and ancient Island Volcanic gods?)
  3. The Cook Name: Walter Title: The Cook Quote: "I am the one, who knocks." (GET IT??? HA HA HA.) Attributes: +slower hunger +boosted efficiency from food +no negative effects from food +lessen materials needed for crockpot recipes -looser grip on sanity (if that's ever implemented) Dungeons This is an idea I'm sort of on the fence about but that I think most people would appreciate (probably not, though). While I think that this game is incredibly balanced and fair, it's lacking something in terms of "STUFF TO DO". Currently, the best time you'll have in the game is launching a raid on a spider den and killing a few queens. Then what? By the time you get there you probably already have a base set up and enough materials to survive until you're ninety. The road that got you there was so long and tedious that you're starting to question if it was worth the payoff. That's why I've come up with The Dungeon. It should work like this, on every map, there is one door. This door, when clicked on, will take you to the dungeon. The dungeon is a randomly generated maze that is riddled with monsters and chests (that gots loots in'em). There is one entrance and one exit on each floor of the dungeon and the deeper you go, the harder the monsters get. You start off fighting hounds and getting sleep darts, but by the end you'll be killing Spider Queens and Tree Guardians in return for meat effigy's and amulets. It will be pitch black in the dungeon (too keep you from staying too long) so a light source is a must. It could be fun! If you got a light source and something to fight with there's nothing to stop you from just up and grabbing some better loot. The lower levels would be great once you've already established a camp on the surface and have an army of Pigs at your disposal and the upper levels are great ways to get some better gear if exploration isn't your thing. The Pack The Hounds are fine, yeah, but they rarely attack on your turf. It's usually during the daytime when you're gathering some wood in a biome far away from your base. It's so easy to just outrun them or fight the three or four of them that DID spawn. There's been a lot of talk about base fortifications recently (fences, houses and the like) but for what? On the off chance that a hound spawns at an inconvenient time? This feature needs to be revisited. We need a reason to fortify our base and have a city of Pigs watching us at all hours of the day. The hounds should attack at night, when you're awake and when you're the most vulnerable. You can't run far from the fire so you'd have to either fight them right there or die while you were waiting for the sun to come up. Fortifications could be set up (and subsequently destroyed by the hounds) as a way to hold them off until the day time. You could pick them off from afar with some darts or set up some mines for when they get too comfortable. The numbers of hounds should be increased to make fortification (and base-building) a core gameplay mechanic, rather than something to do when you've gotten bored of everything else. Maybe it doesn't have to be the hounds, per say, but we definitely need something to make the nights a little more dangerous. Oh! This is my first post, I think. What's up?
  4. meaty stew honey cooked morsel morsel honey 22 health 60 food will edit to add more delectable meals next meal will be meaty stew a la krampus add your meals to the bottom V were the bacon lives
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tallbirds spawning in the ocean Steps to reproduce 1. Load game 2. Run to edge of islands to see if tallbird has spawned there Describe your issue When I load the game Tallbirds spawn off the edge of the islands, or in the water between two cracks. I've tried it several times on the same map and the birds spawn in the same place every time. They can't get onto the island, and I can't get close enough to reach the nest. If they come to the rim and so do I, they can attack me and deal damage (and vice versa) but they wander around on the ocean until then.
  6. With LLQ patch the only usefull recipe if worthless now. And I mean 2 Monster Meat + 2 Honey of course. Now raw ingredients give 54 hunger and 30 health and they stack, while cooked in crock pot they give 42 hunger and 5 health, which is just pathetic. What you guys use your crock pots for? Any good recipes? Or you preffer to eat raw food too?