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Can we talk for a moment about cooking / queue mechanism?

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I have a serious problem with the queue mechanism. at the current state, I have two electro grillers and mushers . all because the continuous option is only valid for one recipe. 

But what happens (as often do in cooking), when you don't have enough ingredients for your top priority item, but you do for your second one?

My in-game solution was creating 2 of each cooking machines and set different priorities for the items, but it feels so forces! why not letting the dups cook the items by the order of the queue in the grill? just let them take into considerations the ingredients > priority / queue? 


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I think food system is completly wrong. Not only queue mechanic. Here are only two usefull plants: Mealwood in start (ok, maybe with Microbe Mushers) then you can switch to Bristle Blossoms. All other plants are wrong way. ONI's food system needs more varietly. For example: some dupes can have alergy for Pepper seeds -> they can't eat stuffed berries. Another dupe loves to eat meat -> stress decreasion bonus when eat food from meat. Another dupe loves raw food -> preffer uncooked food, but can eat cooked food & gain stress, etc...

Better recipes - BBQ can contain more than meat. For example Mushrooms, space onions :D,...

In next update i want better queue mechanism, more plants, more creatures for meat, more recipes, more variety of everything. No new useless unfinished techs.


1 hour ago, AileTheAlien said:

If the game had a caloric sensor, to detect the amount of food in a fridge, you could shut off specific cooking stations! Even better!  : )

You can make this with Weight plate. Set fridge for Stuffed Berries only, build Weight plate under fridge, set trigger weight, connect with coolikng station... Done :)

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Already suggested - do x units per day, do untill x is availiable, cook any availiable recipe in que... whatevs, who cares.

1 hour ago, Tiggy said:

There does need to be more variety, and I think there needs to be bonuses for the hard to cook stuff. There also needs to be a way to make the base more sustainable as right now food is very hard to get.

Food is not that hard to get - just get wheezes and put them in right places to decrease exposure to hot stuff, but again, its very micro-ey, game goes into micromanagement instead of simple management...

There are lots of ways to get lots of food - currently i get lots of food by simply mass-producing and refrigerating.

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