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  1. Yeah, I've noticed this too. I didn't think much about it though.
  2. Okay, I've added a picture. Hope it's helpful.
  3. Okay, but that's like five different posts with a line in each!
  4. If you have a trapped 1x1 block of gas and you build on it the gas is destroyed. Admittedly I can't think of a way around this, but it is a bit of an exploit and it's strange that nobody else seems to have noticed. Other things I've noticed: Water vanishes from the game when used on certain objects such as the algae deoxidiser and the terrarium, which should really be self-sustaining if you water and feed it. Adding mist to the game would probably fix this while creating a new difficulty to get players to move on up the tech tree. The issue with classes being invalidated by negative traits is still in the game despite being marked fixed as of the Thermal Update. When you have researched everything the game still tells you that no task is selected. When objects such as the carbon skimmer are chained together with liquid pipes only the end object will be able to use the pipes. Bacteria bleeds through the stone walls, leading to an endless cycle of cleaning. I don't know if this is intentional or not.
  5. Gastrophobic Chef

    Or in the travel tubes upgrade! It seems that ANY dupe can have a negative trait that invalidates their class. I dunno if it is a bug or not though. Miners who have a phobia of holes. Yokel scientists Uncultured artists Gastrophobic chefs etc etc
  6. Duplicant ignore tasks

    You can just set the job of cook to that one Dupe if it helps.
  7. Duplicant ignore tasks

    Ah yeah, I just discovered the mealwood thing myself. I was trying to grow mushrooms and berries, which was a mistake. I bet that ends with the next update thought.
  8. Duplicant ignore tasks

    I think I have that too. Mine right now are starving to death because they won't make mush bars and I'm only barely starting farming. Not that farming seems that sustainable in any case.
  9. Suffocating in Just Built tile

    The player can work around any number of glitches, but that doesn't mean they should have to. I'm really not sure why people are getting so hung up on this. Nobody complains when other glitches are fixed. Why this one? If the problem is that you like it, then I have a solution for that! Make it a negative trait for a handful of Dupes. I've outlined it here as a suggestion if you would like to read it. What do you all think? Best of both worlds?
  10. Known Issues

    Most plants outside the original biome do not grow in their own natural environment. XD Mushrooms spawn in the polluted oxygen of the slime biome and then never grow at all because they need carbon dioxide, for example. My fix would be to make the mushrooms require polluted oxygen instead. You could also have the polluted oxygen spread some kind of slime fungus on the machines and walls. That would be pretty cool.