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  1. wurt loses more sanity?

    Packim Baggims would also be a viable place to store fish. :S
  2. Alternate idea - bring the Yaarctopus from Shipwrecked. : )
  3. Deconstruct seems to be prioritized over everything else, regardless of the priority set when using the tool.
  4. Crash to desktop

    Here's my files after crashing with the dev build. lshw.txt Player.log Shady Sands Cycle 195.sav
  5. Should update the create new bug page

    Even better, just have the create-bug page link to the help/support article, so the info's all in one place. (Rule 0 of software development - if it's in two places, one's already out of date!)
  6. The FAQ for Oxygen Not Included doesn't have any Linux info. The only place this is available, is in a dev's reply to the Linux announcement thread in the forums. You should put it into the FAQ! ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/Player.log ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/save_files/
  7. Crash to desktop

    I've got random crashes now. I've been playing the game since I bought it on Steam around Xmas time, but only yesterday started to have crashes. Not sure what's up. It's definitely reproducible, since if I reload the same savegame/auto-save, it crashes after a minute or two consistently. If I reload an earlier autosave, it usually fixes it until a couple hours later. I'm not sure if I need to do some specific behaviour, like always trying to build a water pump or ventilation pump, since when I reload, I usually am trying to re-do the progress I lost when I crashed. Ubuntu Linux, crash log attached, savegame attached. Player.log ShadySandsCycle144.sav
  8. Random Crash to Desktop

    I'll make my own report. I didn't know what the specific rules for this type of situation was. Thanks!
  9. Random Crash to Desktop

    EDIT: making my own bug report; Didn't know if I should make one or add to another similar crash report. Sorry.