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  1. The piping is wrong. You should not use a T-junction here. Because at least one drop of water will still go in the wrong direction. The buffer is also redundant. All you need is one shutoff connected to a sensor. Just remove the shutoff on the left with its input pipe and connect a pipe from the right shutoff with the left output like that: Wires:
  2. The same problem on Linux. Makes the whole OS unbearably slow.
  3. The problem is that the output is actually not limited. It works as a simple battery with one-direction flow. The small transformer has the same problem. One of mine small transformer create an overload on a 2 kW cable quite often. So, for example, if we have one small transformer connected to some load of 4 kW or more, when it is turned on, it tries to output as much energy as it has, in this case, it has 1 kJ, and it does so in one tick, creating a load of 4 kW on this first tick. After that it only has about 250 J left (the input is actually limited to 1 kW or 250 J per tick) so it cannot output more than 1 kW from that moment. But when you turn it off for 3 ticks or more and turn it on again, the overload occurs again. Again and again. The more often it is toggled, the more often an overload happens. A simple way to create overloads from nothing:
  4. Was there a game reload between sending a rocket and its return? It might be related to this bug being fixed incorrectly: oh... it was your bug report as well))
  5. There is something wrong with items on conveyor rails that have mass less than 20 kg. Consider these two: The second item is 10 kg igneous rock, but it appears much bigger than another item on the left that is actually 20 kg. Moreover it looses temperature much slower. Notice that it has temperature over 1100 C compared to the bigger item with only 200 C. So it's not just how it looks, there is something more. (the initial temperature of both items was about 1200 C) Rock'n'Rise.sav
  6. It was NOT fixed correctly! Look at this: Yes, it doesn't drop the fuel now, but it doesn't limit its filling either. Now it's even worse because now it requires rebuilding the fuel tank instead of simply clicking on it.
  7. The same problem: All of my three ranchers stuck on calling those pufts.
  8. Here is some inconsistency in measurements taken: There are 525 Kg of igneous rock sitting on the weight plate but the current pressure is only 225 Kg. It happens when magma solidifies right on the weight plates. P.S. After reloading the game the measurements are correct. Rock'n'Rise.sav
  9. It was changed: Paintings and Sculptures use Job traits to determine the quality of the artwork, rather than the Creativity skill. (Creativity skill still affects the "work time" for completion)
  10. It appears that heat exchange between items on conveyor rails and tiles that it goes through sometimes does not happen. I think it occurs off-screen only. Meaning that when I look at it, it works as expected but when I do something different and not looking at it, it doesn't. Here is an example when there is a huge temperature difference between regolith in conveyor rails and steel tiles it goes through: But after some time when the line starts moving the heat transfer functionality restores. Here is the same line several seconds after: There is a save file with the system on the screenshot. Just move the camera away from it for about a minute (maybe less) to see the heat transfer stop. Rock'n'Rise.sav
  11. According to wiki: "it will stop emitting polluted oxygen when the pressure above it is above 1.8 kg". It doesn't mention tiles below it. So it probably cannot emit oxygen downwards.
  12. Maybe they are just idling, no? Have you tried looking at dupe's navigation paths? Does it show a line through that door?
  13. Reports with several bugs in them are usually ignored. Nobody likes them. But I think both of these are already resolved.
  14. There is no way to select iron ore for hatches only. When you choose an ingredient it becomes available for all critters that can eat it.