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  1. That form of the Steam Turbine has long been removed. It has a massive temp differential that it demands, that is higher in temp than you can get via aqua tuners/thermal regulators because it is above the melting point of those methods. Hilariously, the "renewable" power of the Steam Turbine is infact the least renewable power source in the game, considering it depends on Lava to function, and it will quickly cool said lava. Every other power source is infact infinitely usable for all of time. Hatches can sustain coal gens, Pet gens can get petrolium from the refinery, Hydrogen gens from electrolizers from infinite source water geysers, and finally Nat gas from Fert makers/Nat gas geysers. Lava is the only truly non-renewable resource related to power gen, and is the only way to produce as much heat as the Steam Turbine needs in the current patch. Perhaps if the give us some upgraded versions of current machines (Aqua Tuner, Thermal Regulator, the various pumps, ect) that we can make with refined metals (specifically Tungsten in this case) for it's insanely high max temp modifier that will be solved
  2. @Cheerio it just seems to be that 0% battery thresh hold for working on a hamster wheel means now it will never turn on as 0% is sufficient, unlike before where 0% meant ok, you start at 0% battery. Probably the same for other generators too. I do have the save set aside though regardless, once I get some more time I'll upload it though but it seems like a very simple and easy to reproduce issue that was probably caused by some minor change in the battery code. May have been there in the patch you turned on battery decay and I just never noticed it as I had already been past hamsterwheel stage and my other generators had thresh-holds higher than 0%.
  3. Just something I've noticed, it seems dupes are ignoring priority in general now. I've got my researcher doing unmarked sweep task (for bins all assigned at priority 5), instead of his hamster wheel (priority 8) or research table (priority 8). EDIT: Scratch that, generator itself is the problem, it is acting like the battery is full despite being empty.
  4. Pretty sure this actually increased difficulty, not decreased it, with the massive nerf to food, and I swear dupe AI is even worse, although that may just be because the job system/priority system doesn't mesh as well as I'd like compared to being able to just flat out control what each individual dupe could do as I could before. I do hope they give us back direct control over individual dupe job trees, and not just force us to try and fit them into the various shaped holes in the new job system. This change is really painful in the early game especially, before you have a half-decent dupe population. In the old system, I'd just set my science dupe to also work althetics for power production, and let him keep the power going for his own computers exclusively in the early game. Now its a mess trying to keep him from having the AI tree prioritize something I don't want it to just because the power just ran out and he needs to go recharge the battery.