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  1. Deconstructing POI windows no longer gives neutronium, and more POI objects in general are deconstructable to prevent blocking people's bases. YES!
  2. regarding all those changes... is base going from sustainable to very hard to non-sustainable? Devs, would you please stop balancing stuff and fix stuff instead? Add normal queue to producers? Add material selection to buildings with recipes(like power tuner one)? Whats the point of balancing BROKEN stuff?
  3. Picture 1: desinfect overlay Picture 2: puft germs Picture 3, 4: puft-stored oxygen has no slime on it Picture 5: excreted slime It is a bug or intentionally hidden germ source. From here: Hey, it seems its a copy-paste bug. piece of code, supposed to be: excrete_item.mass = content_item.mass excrete_item.germs = content_item.germs actually is: excrete_item.mass = content_item.mass excrete_item.germs = content_item.mass Would you please mind to not make such small and stupid bugs? Or atleast mark puft as a germ source - lore-wise, that will explain where slimelung came from..
  4. I usually just drop food by re-checking it, then dups register it.
  5. Just calculate how much wate/s is required and build liquid valves for each of farms... the less wateris in farm - the slower heating is.
  6. NOT fixed, using latest version, but bug still happens. Not Fixed.
  7. This is much more handy this way - so deconstruct takes priority over anything else. However it a bit annoying that it does not follow priority of deconstruction.
  8. Duplicants SOMEHOW fail to register food, ive got like 6 dups that do same and i have to manually drop food from ration boxes.
  9. Have got similar problem - duplicants do not react on food and tell that food is unreachable unless i manually drop food from ration box.
  10. will mashine that is on the main menu arrive in game?
  11. I wanted to create several dedicated shards with one of them acting as lobby, worlds will be with different seasons and world presets. I tried linking 3 shards(2 overworld, 1 cave) by droping session data, tried creating different shards with diferent settings and relinking them by hand, but linking doesnt work. Moreover i can`t migrate to some of the worlds by using c_migrateto command, it simply locates me to position i started from or kicks me out of server. Sinkholes also connect only worlds i can migrate to. Though sometimes it allows me to migrate to caves but locks another overworld shard from being reachable. Can anyone tell what is done wrong? Any help appreciated. World 1(overworld) server1.ini wordlgenovrride1.lua World 2(caves) server2.ini wordlgenovrride2.lua World 3(overworld) server3.ini wordlgenovrride3.lua ------------ So, i did it, first - you dont want to use leveldataoverride format, use only worldgenoverride. Second - you can use override = {...}, part of leveldataoverride.lua, so you can setup a world in "host game" and copy settings to worldgenoverride, be warned - you will need to delete value "linknodesbykeys" or it will not link worlds properly for multiple worlds O_o. Also you can use modoverrides from your created world easially, its easier then configuting by hand. You can use leveldataoverride but it will allow only for 2 worlds - caves and overworld or overworld and overworld... etc Also, in my case it did not generate a cave world for some reason, it was solved after few times regenerating that world, so it at last accounted worldgenoverride.lua for the world with caves
  12. while i was typing this desc it has happened again.
  13. I made a sample of cooling system and pumped water from geyser directly to cool it down (testing water cooling) then after some time did alt-tab, after returning water dropped its temperature by 20 degrees, tho i didnt capture it properly temperature of sandstone below it is waht you see, tho it began to dissipate exchanging its temperature with water. ok, this is intresting, ima try again! Test 2 load few days before, and wait some time passed.., I alt-tabbed ok, so maybe alt-tab causes issues? Test 3 make alt-tab .. Caught IT! wait, this abyssalite was not supposed to be here reload.. it was higher on the door no worries, there is no ice to fall in pool, i checked here`s a video UPD: this is tied to ladders cooling the water