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Working Updated Steam Turbine

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**Updated Version here **




Now, full disclosure - before you read on - know that this thing eats, literally EATS heat - in this case magma. It's also being fed 4kg/s of water... This was all built in debug, however there's nothing that couldn't have been done in a normal game. I just wanted to get my head around how it worked to be honest.

 tl;dr This generates a lot of power and can be done with a bit of tinkering.

That being said :

I present to you - THE DERP-BINE!


Essentially it's split into two parts - an upper boiler, and a lower cooker.

The upper boiler :


Here we take water pre-heated to ~98 degrees Celsius (i.e. a separate tank heated by a tepedizer, or fresh geyser water, or machine output, etc) from the upper right tank, and pump it to the left through a liquid shutoff connected to the right most hydro switch. This controls the flow into the system - basically if the hydro switch detects an excess of unboiled water, it'll turn the input water flow off. This flow is sent through two vales and split into 6 vents. Each valve is currently set to 2kg/s... As I say, this thing is both hungry and thirsty :?

The boiler itself is the old tepedizer trick, partially submerged by oil, with a bubble of hydrogen. This too is controlled by an and gate above which is looking for a signal from a) the thermo switch submerged in the oil and b) a pulse clock to rapidly toggle them. The rest of the logic in this room is solely for moving the steam from this chamber to the cooker:

Boiler Automation :



The Lower Cooker :


The compressor-doors-doohickey-gizmo moves our steam from the boiler to the lower chamber to be "cooked" beyond the capabilities of our tepedizers. Two separate pockets of magma (purely for aesthetics and symmetry) are contained within a vacuum, however are in contact with doors above and below. The two doors above act to cook our steam well above the temperature needed by our steam turbines ready to be eaten. The doors below are for re-heating and circulating the cooled output of the turbines. Here we're currently running two turbines.

Down the centre of the room is another c.d.d.g ( a series of doors) which funnels the steam into the bottom of each turbine. Had to use these as it was far, far too warm for pumps. I also cut out a "meeting tunnel" underneath as I found steam to behave a bit strangely when being moved through doors - and the sides weren't balancing well.

The steam passes through the turbines and rises up to meet the main cooking chamber again.

The central steam moving is toggled on 5 time's per cycle, for a 1% duration at 0,20,40,60,80 and keeps both turbines running constantly. 

The magma needs replacing when the temperature of the residual rock goes below 300degrees, however if you're building something like this without debug, i'd imagine you could maintain it with a single dupe with it's own little living area nearby. Derpdupe extraordinaire.

Cooker Automation :


Cooker Thermal :


As you might be able to see in the last picture, I made the mistake of putting some temp shift tiles in my magma to speed up the priming process - however these have slowly started heating the abyssalite tiles next to them - this was a mistake. Don't do this.

So yeah - that's the build. Obviously this is pre-release so it could all change by tomorrow - however this was the only way I could think of to get our turbines hot enough in a controlled environment.

Was it worth it? - No. Took ages and would be a nightmare (but not impossible) to build without debug.

Does it give a net gain of power? - Massively so


Will I ever use it in a normal game/stream scenario? - In it's current state - never. It needs to be too hot, and literally destroys water supplies. It's awful and I'm hoping it'll get fixed asap.


Other than that - hope it helps understand the current iteration of the long awaited steam turbine, I hope it gets some love from the devs and gets a bit of an overhaul, as I can't see a lot of new players going to these lengths to get something like this to work - especially for 2kw per turbine (i.e. 5 un-tweaked manual gens....)

@Cheerio Why yu do dis?


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Great effort in getting it running!

But yeah, this is totally impractical in game at the moment - considering "renewable" removes water and heat and that natural gas loops are in fact renewable - it's hardly worth the effort.

Still, and again, good effort and interesting to note that not all 5 intakes need to be open.

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1 hour ago, Kabrute said:

right but it took an insane amount of effort, all of which is bypassed by just continuing to dig down..........

No, you're missing the point - I've done nat gas boilers before - I even have a video of it on youtube showing how to do it....

This was specifically to actually USE the steam turbine, you know - like, because it's in the game... and y'know..... that's sort of the point :D 

By your rationale I should never leave the base and just use coal/manual gens for everything instead :p 

I won't be judged by your scale of "effort" either, you lazy sob....

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8 hours ago, clickrush said:

This shows me two things:

One, @Lifegrow is very good at fine tuning ONI systems/layouts and writing silly stuff.

Two, the Steam Turbine AKA THE DERP-BINE is indeed a COMPLETE WRECKAGE!

I would argue both of these statements :p

It isn't a completely stable build as we simply don't have enough temperature sensitive switches for these sorts of temperature ranges - and some "cooling off" time would be required in the long haul, else things start to be passively cooked by the magma. A simple vacuum lock between the two chambers (upper and lower) would probably fix this, but honestly - with all the little tweaks/hotfixes that'll come over the next few days - I simply can't be bothered tweaking it just yet.

But yes, this thread was mainly intended to show the devs just how much of a ball-acher it is to set these things up, for not very much reward. I hope they take a few things on board.

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Little update :

Did a spot more tinkering with the build and fixed a few niggling things I was unhappy with.

Firstly added temp control for the magma, and separated the two chambers better. 

Moved the central boiler room compressor doors to be either side, which helped with flow of steam, and also regulating temperatures (preventing my tepedizers from over cooking basically.)

Heres a "short" vid explaining the build a little better - hope it helps in some way towards your own builds :) 


Much love as ever.


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