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  1. fridge placement

    I don't use powered fridges but I'm pretty sure it just delays the rotting of food inside and the temperature of the food/fridge doesn't matter if powered.
  2. It's intended. It can be used as early food source. But as @Whispershade said above it isn't very practically outside of mealwood.
  3. freezing gases

    Depends what gases you want to liquefy. Co2/chlorine is much easier than poll oxygen.
  4. Farm tiles vs planters

    I don't know where a post just talking about this would be, but the differences are pretty obvious. Planters don't allow you to fertilize or irrigate, farm tiles allow you to fertilizer your plants, and hydroponic tiles allow you to fertilize and connect pipes to it and irrigate your plants. I don't know how the tiles v planters will work in the next update though since they are removing yield.
  5. All you really need is to not have your floors solid and either have gas perm tiles sprinkled in or the entire floor gas perm/mesh tiles. CO2 should move to the bottom right of your base as long as there's space.
  6. If you load debug mode then dig neutronium the game will crash, Klei made it so whenever it is dug out the game will crash. Were you able to get any screenies before crash?
  7. The streams are on twitch on the official Kleientertainment channel. The Klei guys usually post a bulletin a few days before the stream right on these forums. They stream on Thursdays on select weeks.
  8. They're called boogers, a gift of the jelly water physics. Usually happens with polluted water and a small amount of water.
  9. I knew that, I was just wondering why they are so tall no there's no weezeworts anywhere. (Also the waterfall cooling only works because of a bug).
  10. You like your waterfalls, what are you using them for?
  11. There used to be a bug like this where heavy watt was useless but I think they fixed it.
  12. You actually get a lot of sand in each world, but for me using Pufts above water is the best method.
  13. this a bug?

    This sprite bug has been around for awile, sometimes you'll notice it while they are sweeping, using the multitool, or their clothing.
  14. What happened to the eyes?! D: