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Refrigerator Automation stop the conveyor belt output?

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Hi qthk, here my setup :
Auto-sweeping cleans my Farms and store all foods in an under locked CO² Room, so nothing is going to stale or something.
Next step in the Kitchen, where fridges are disposed next to cookers, sliders to something like 1kg, depending of the food ratio kg/kcal or the ingredient (like 12/18kg for nuts etc) and the duplicants needs.
Each time they're empty's a command is sent to the CO² Room to ask for a delivery, which can contains 20kg max. The automation is made that fridges cant ask more than one time (one tick) each 60 seconds, which is the time travel for the delivery on the convey + time auto-arm dispatch everything between Grills & Fridges, then the fridge is refill and stop ask for a delivery, reset automation, and repeat...
Plus I added a clock, so close to the night nothing more is sent to the kitchen till the morning.
Then all the cooked food is sent to a fridge in front of the Mess Hall.
(only showing one revelant automation here to not disdurb the whole picture)


Now the point where i am going to be mad : duplicants are taking randoms portions of food for their rest depending of the kcal they need to meet the max 4,000kcal... (they can pick-up 1,753kcal for exemple) so if you set the fridge in the Mess Hall to something like 50kg then shut down the whole Kitchen by automation, you cant, because the auto-arm is going to try to refill the fridge to 50kg but still 49,4kg in it, and he cant add one more portion of 4,000kcal of Stuffed Berry for exemple... so the automation never switch on/off the way you want to.
Wish someone is going to find a way to bypass this problem (maybe @Saturnus @Kasuha @Coolthulhu? Sorry for the inconvenience ahah), or maybe that Klei implement something like an "over-fill" button on fridges ?!

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From what I know, there is no way to properly fill the fridge or smart compactor or have it signal partial filling. This was reported on bug reports section and I haven't seen any patch note for it.

I'd expect it to be fixed sometime in the future, though not necessarily in the next patch, since it is mostly useful for the conveyor system, which is gated by the job system. And job system isn't exactly finished either.

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Yeah same problem as smart compactor, was unrevelant before all thoses recent changes on jobs, and seing your duplicants constantly running to fill it with '(place any ressource here)' was boring to micro-manage (switch to "sweep only", keep an eye on it, then uncheck to refill...) when you can simply add an automation with :
-hold signal 10s so dupe get out
-HOLD THE DOOR closed for a day
-then re-open

... if only switches doesnt go mad !
At least dupes can runs faster for now :D

BTW miss to add you to the "inconvenience" part @Kabrute !
Anyway like Coolthulhu said fullfill is actually broken :mad:

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Smart fridges and storages needs to be smart in the same way smart batteries are, ie. with two hysteresis sliders so you can set a percentile range out of the set max capacity where the fridge/storage returns a true signal. It is reported as a bug, and I'd certainly expect it to be added otherwise they are not much use.

There's a similar problem on storages for substances that can sublimate.

Another desirable addition would be if fridges and smart storage would only store items as long as they are powered. Cut power and it dumps the content on the floor without resetting the tick box list.     

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Thanks @Siromatik 

I can remodel my base now, but however, you are right, the arm never put the food in the fridge, it just pass from the outbox to the inbox and skipped the fridge in the storage room.

Outbox 1 -> Ration Box 2 (CO2 room) -> Inbox 3

However, if I set box priority to 2, it won't work...ahhhhh

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Stupid question I'm new with the update.  I've seen a couple of threads and youtube videos talk about auto-harvest systems, is that really a thing? Auto-sweepers don't seem to be able to harvest plants, it seems to still require dupes for harvesting, or maybe I just haven't found the trick?...

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So Auto-Sweeper can Supply grills and even plant, but are not capable of putting food from my receptacle to the fridge?

@manu_x32 If you use 'AutoHarvest' Your dupes have to do it themselfes but don't need to run across your Map to bring the corp in the ktichen and form the kitchen to the mess hall, sparing some time so they can do other things....

Edit: Fixed it. it was an Priority issue

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