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  1. Somtimes it happens that plastic tiles/ tubes/ traps melt down and then you have got an ugly spot of Naphta somwere on your Map... After builing a final repository containing ~2 tonnes of this nasty stuff I questioned myself: what to do with that?
  2. This shoudn't happen, should it? PS: what exactly is it? Death System II.sav
  3. If it reduces stress it is not displayed in the stress decription?
  4. I had the same wired behavior in a previous build. I thought it was because of low Oxygen in Latrine (they leave the shower take some deep breaths and then continue). But If you can't Fix the Problem and your base is relativly gem-free, you can just disable them (because removing gems is the only benefit as I know)
  5. @Ipsquiggle This specific Game save doesn't exist anymore due to autosave-overwrite (in future I am going to attach the save directly). But I reconstructed the situation in the running session: all compactors are set to the same weight and this Time all are loaded exactly to the set Volume, but the right one is not activated. (The 'Lab' is located near oil biome next to the 'main elevator shaft') (Btw. This game got somehow compromised:) Death System II.sav
  6. If you don't mind using exploits you also can use Overpresure by other ressource to Store Huge amounts of Gas/Liquids. So if you put an other Gas/ Liquid than you want to store at the Gas/liquid Output the output will never Overpressure. (Liquid on the Bottom must be at least 2 tiles wide and between ~100g and ~1000g, would also work with c02, but it could be pumped out)
  7. The Intelligent Campactor only gives a positive Signal if it is Filled ABOVE the set volume (not if it is exacrly filled) Which is a problem because no dupe will fill it further (also won't work on compactors which are filld nearly to their set Volume; e.g. both compactors on the right) The Positive: Sometimes it works! (the Left one)
  8. If you use an XOR gatter instead of the 'NOT' having a switcher at the other input you can build a switchable Clock
  9. This issue is occuring under normal circumstaces at larger bases and accellerated time. But now it is happening also at the first time multiplicator after reloading my game. Every second the Game is schortly balking which is very annoying, making my >800 Cycle game nearly unplayable. Edit: It seems to happen every 'Dupe Second' whatever time accelerator is used. Tried Fixes: Game reinstalled Also occures in debug slow motion (Alt+F5) Death System II.sav
  10. "Mastery of unemployed job"

    So it is more reasenable Dupes have to be unemployed for some time to get a Job sometimes, instead of be falling out of the printer and became farmer/ architect/ miner.....? In my opinion it is better the way it is.
  11. Replacing pipes/wires.

    I do not think this is an actuall 'bug', as it was the same way in older Versions. But I admid it would be a great benefit for playing (Dismantle and rebuild pipes is anoying throug pipe content and when enhancing cables a lot of System can be out of Power for an undetermined time).
  12. Isn't it meant to be this way,is it?
  13. Loading the Job Screen takes always a bit here (also in older Versions), but with the new Update it sometimes takes a couple of minutes, letting windows display the "programm does not react message". In fact it is sometimes faster to kill and restart the game...
  14. So Auto-Sweeper can Supply grills and even plant, but are not capable of putting food from my receptacle to the fridge? @manu_x32 If you use 'AutoHarvest' Your dupes have to do it themselfes but don't need to run across your Map to bring the corp in the ktichen and form the kitchen to the mess hall, sparing some time so they can do other things.... Edit: Fixed it. it was an Priority issue