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[Game Update] - 247460

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  • Developer
  • Further fixes to doors applying temperatures to and from the world
  • Fixed decor overlay mouse tooltip
  • Tube exits have a status item if they are unable to be used as exits
  • Allow resolution selection on Linux when exiting fullscreen
  • Further fixes to doors destroying liquids
  • Slicksters should no longer get stuck hovering in the air
  • Fix a crash that could happen when a dupe tried fetching too many things at once
  • Alterations to Point Of Interest spawning, which allows Oil Geysers to once again appear in the oil biome.

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Something in the automation of doors is broken now.

I have loaded 4 different save games where I had some automation attached to doors, whenever that automation starts the game crashes completely. Straight out of the game, not to a report error screen.

Also, all these save games seem to take longer to load than they did yesterday, but I might be wrong on that one.

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