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  1. Same problem here. It seems to be the worst with research. My cook likes to run off and do whatever the hell she wants.
  2. Still having issues with this. The Antigravity Acidic Abode.sav
  3. What about dupes with other conflicting traits/interests like gastrophobes with an interest in cooking?
  4. I get these a lot too. Had no one reported it previously? It's been happening since at least the Tubular update. The bottles aren't necessarily always polluted water, it just seems to spit out half of it's coolant (whatever it is) to the pipe, and half to a bottle. There's been a few discussions about this on the forums, including these 2: Edit: Despite being untargetable and unsweepable, if you have an appropriate bottle emptier a dupe will eventually come pick it up.
  5. The fridges have the same problem. Most of the time can't fill them enough to cause the automation to change state. Here's my save file if you want to test it out. TDSH.sav
  6. Significantly better. It stayed over 10fps this time, which is pretty reasonable for 30 dupes running around constructing/deconstructing pipes. Thanks!
  7. I've been getting some crazy lag spikes on my long haul colony. It actually runs pretty nice most of the time, around 25-30fps. But when I deconstruct piping I drop down to like 2fps.
  8. I have 30 dupes in this colony, and I can't quite seem to be able to scroll all the way to the jobs screen and click on the artists. TDSH.sav
  9. I'm having the same issue, but with a colony I created a couple days ago, on build 253600. Had it occur several times, but only on insulated pipes. Temperature of liquid in one segment of pipe slowly drops until it freezes and breaks the pipe. Temperature of gasses/buildings around it seem to have no effect. I'll attach my save file, but you probably won't see anything right away, as a save/reload seems to fix the problem. Video here The Contagious Committee.sav
  10. Thank you! I thought that behaviour was a bit odd.
  11. Care to elaborate on this one? Does that mean doors will be more conductive?
  12. Hey yall! Just wanted to drop in my 2 cents as well. I know they said on the livestream last night that performance may be worse with the beta, and for me it definitely is. My 600 cycle base with 23 dupes is almost unplayable. System is an MSI laptop with i7-7700, 16GB RAM, 1050TI graphics.