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  1. Does making game more realistic is such important? For me is not because for me game should be fun, not forcefully realistic in every aspect. About mixing water and oil. Those are not only liquids in game. We have a lot more that can mix with each other IRL. I still don't see in this thread any beneficial application for players that will bring something new. Players separate h2o and ph2o and that won't change. Why anybody would bother with more or less polluted water when they can just use clean water for dupes and polluted for everything else or just filtrate it. Right now water can be contaminated by germs and what that changed? Nothing. Nobody care about germs in water because polluted water is used to make NG and is not consumed by dupes.
  2. Often when I draw some designs, I'm using empty square (or circle) as input (like a hole that can be filled) and filled one as output.
  3. Flip every second filter and connect properly. Make sure thet filtered output is never full or build back loop.
  4. Coloring

    Building order for player is not the same as for dupes. Dupes build what it's closer and check materials before accepting a task. Game don't know which building have materials and which don't.
  5. That vent can be easily made already in game for both, gas and liquids. No need additional item for that.
  6. @Nativel there is no problem. The worse scenario is when power consumption is zero. This mean that entire generator production have to be stored in batteries. Sometimes base have constant power consumption (for example oxygen generation) that can be considered in calculations.
  7. Don't be so confident about it And what you get as products? New liquids? Do they could mix further? Where you want to put the line that separate game mechanic from RL physic/chemistry simulation? What players gain from that? I don't say that original idea is bad. It can even use modified germs mechanic. I just don't see what players will really gain in this change? What new mechanic it brings? Cosmetic changes are good if they don't have negative impact on performance. But when we want to add more calculations then we should get something in return.
  8. What it really change/add to gameplay that justify adding more calculations and impact on performance? For me it seems that change almost nothing like ratios and break some designs like gravity filter. Besides if water and polluted water could mix them what about other liquids? They could mix as well? If not then what about mechanic consistency?
  9. Or just use material with better heat conductivity?
  10. This filter graphic is confusing because most ot the people think that gas is vented from orange output but in reality it's pipe output.
  11. Directly no but in bubble I think that everyone touched it. Besides game have it's own rules and thermal mechanic. Little amount of gas with extreme temperature have also not do much thermal energy and it require quite a lot of time to rise temperature of object with higher mass. Beside plasma door could be harmless for dupe in exosuit.
  12. Slopes would be troublesome because of items dropping but stairs would be nice addition. They could be "transparent" like ladders that don't hold items and dupes also could walk behind them.
  13. Actually in RL exist technology called Plasma window that can insulate gases like docking bay force field in SF films. It could be added as hi-tech door.
  14. Place new wires over old ones. They should replace them but i don't remember if devs fixed bug with materials recovery. About transformers, they can store 1kJ but actually transfer 4kW. Adding small battery after transformer will allow to use all transferred power.
  15. Remember that every gate in game have delay on output.