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  1. It's not a bug. You just use aquatuner in wrong way. Aquatuner don't destroy heat, it only take it from liquid and try to disperse into environment. If environment can't take that much heat, aquatuner temp will rise and it break.
  2. After loading the game, check if any door have temperature -273.2*C. I reported similar bug and was fixed before TB update. Maybe it came back.
  3. This behavior is triggered when duplicants don't have tasks. They're not assigned as idle because of that.
  4. It's not a bug. Pumping mechanic is not based on pressure so it don't work like IRL. Bouncing packets of liquid/gas in pipe is caused by mistakes in connects between inputs and outputs.
  5. This is probably caused by rounding float values.
  6. Refining all metal ore cause dead end and inability to craft many items.
  7. While providing power to the batteries or machines, transformers sometimes charge a little and keep that charge. This behavior is not deterministic because sometimes in exactly the same setup it don't hold any charge while powering. I think that it have something with build order because when I destroy setup and rebuild it I get different results. Sometimes only one transformed keep charge and other don't do that, sometimes both hold or both don't. I also noticed change in transformers behavior after load game on the next day. I don't know if it was caused by building circuits in different part of the base because when I save and load game or even exit game and start again without changes, transformers behavior don't change. This setup at start works fine. Both transformers didn't hold any charge while powering batteries and pumps. The same setup after few days. I didn't touch it but build different test building that aren't connected with this. Both transformers keep 200J while transferring power. The same setup. I just deconstructed wires to the top consumers. First transformer stop holding charge but second still do it. Once again I build wires for top consumers. First transformer still don't hold charge. I deconstructed and rebuilt second transformers and wires to the pumps. Now first transformer start holding charge and second one don't do it. And screen from my main colony when transformers hold charges and with different values (3 top rows of generators are not working at that moment and that's why transformers holds nothing).
  8. Performance issue right now is related do debuglogs enabled by devs. Debuglogs are small commands inside the code that check and log the results of calculations. Big code like game in developed stage have tones of them (thousands of them) and they eat a lot of performance. Normally debuglogs are enabled in dev builds and are disabled in release builds but devs want to run wide test and that's why right now game run so slow. Official build will have disabled debuglogs.
  9. And automate every access point? I rather not use tubes at all if I fad to setup every point with doors, checkpoints and gates.
  10. Lower performance is because devs probably enabled debuglogs in code to check if everything works like designed. It's normal procedure while developing any game or program. They warned about it in the stream.
  11. Here [Oxygen Not Included] - Suggestions and Feedback
  12. Further investigation brought me to the problem. When 3 or more Mechanized Airlocks are operating next to each other, the ones in the middle, after load the save can have temp -273,2*C. This doors never reach this temp while normal game even after 100 cycles. It's only happen while loading game. It's strange that not all doors have this problem. Maybe it's because they'r open or actually in the middle of opening/closing when game is saving/loading. The only way to avoid crash is to load game, enable debug mode, deconstruct doors with -273,2*C, resume game, wait wew sec, rebuild doors.
  13. After some investigation I noticed some errors in console that pop up for a millisecond or so in down-left corner. I recorded it and it's "Invalid temperature" error (a lot of them) .
  14. This issue stated after around 200 cycles. When I loaded the game and resumed, game exited to desktop after few seconds. I figured out that it would be happen because game want to run while still loading some states like circuits connections, number of materials etc. So after I loaded the game I just resumed the game and fast paused again waited few second did that again few times. After 5-6 resuming and pausing game works fine. Now my base became bigger and after 300 cycles, game exit to desktop really fast. My trick is not working anymore. In previous releases I had even bigger maps and more cycles, and game loaded without fail. 6Dupe C300.sav