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  1. But remember that granulator have only 50% efficiency with metals. From 100kg of metal ore you will get 50kg of refined ore and 50kg of sand. Personally I used it only once in previous game because losing 50% of metal i HUGE lose of resources.

    This behavior is triggered when duplicants don't have tasks. They're not assigned as idle because of that.
  3. Not really. If you leave only 1 tile, liquid will disappear and appear when vent is active but sometimes it don't reappear. When you leave 2 tiles, liquid don't travel (i hovered cursor over it) but also don't flick. Funny things happen with liquid in very high pressure. It behave like in space but also values of liquid in both tiles don't change.
  4. Rock granulator is early stage source of refined metals.
  5. I just tested it and it works. I also testes gas overpressure (~6500kg of oxygeen) and it also works but gas vent and liquid need 2 tile width. When it's only 1 tile, liquid sometimes is deleted.
  6. Really nice. Maybe now try with multi tracks
  7. But where is fun in copying others solutions?
  8. Maybe, but I like to use setups that I develop myself.
  9. I'm using this bridges loop to compress little packets. Compression multiply depends on how big packet are delivered. Or this first version of compression chain. It's basen on "bouncing" feature when packets go back and forth in pipes.
  10. It's a bug and I think that it's related with building order. I posted it in Bug Tracker
  11. To be honest when i first played ONI i though that Algae terrarium is to grow algae.
  12. It's not a bug. Pumping mechanic is not based on pressure so it don't work like IRL. Bouncing packets of liquid/gas in pipe is caused by mistakes in connects between inputs and outputs.
  13. Bug was already reported. Even when it will be patched, having dupes with the same name is confusing. You can't force players to rename them right after printing.