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Funniest Memories from The Forge


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Walk down memory lane with me and share your merriest moments~ I posted part of this before as part of a much longer post thanking Klei, but wanted to spark some discussion focused specifically on this topic:

I was dying of laughter during our all one character matches:

  • Teammates randomly picking up armor to call their role for the first time. Just hearing someone say "Tank Wendy" or "Tank Wes" was funny to me.
  • WX and Winona - the effectiveness of the chained hammer stuns, and when our tanks got stuck in the middle of scorpions after hammering them. Poor WX died so many, so so many times.
  • Wendy - realizing that the ranged tanking ability of Abigail, with rotating Abigail deaths, was actually going to work on the Boarrior.

Watching my teammate actually juggling in order to move her two weapons by picking them up in rapid succession across the arena.

Bugs, like Abigail spawning outside of the arena, or when both our tanks got knocked out there (one died while being pushed out).

Laughing at each character comp from our all random matches.

Whenever there was just one character left and cheering them on. "You got this!"

On 12/6/2017 at 3:33 AM, IcyHarpy said:

My fondest memory of the game was uncontrollably laughing at myself and my poor aim while my entire team tried to take snortoise aggro in order to help me get the molten dart achievement as Willow until we all ended up in a meat grinder. I just felt so grateful to my team. Also laughed hysterically when our tank got knocked out of the arena and we told him to go as far out as he could so off he went on an adventure surfing lava. Bahaha.


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Whenever I revived unfortunate named Maxwells.


When I played in a all Wilson server with manureposters.


And same manure posters spammed the yawn emote in battle.


When people got my joke.


Spamming jokes when my teams sepekued.



Sole runners getting side banter from the dead.


Torn but find hilarious in hindsight.

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played 8 hours straight in one room on the last night of forge with 3 same dudes (they were talking on voice chat) and 2 more randoms, it was a regular 30+ room where all of those were 25-32, guys were switching chars to get missing achieves (after first easy win), but i could not stop playing because i had found LEMME SMASH mod


ah yeah, we managed to make a no death with max, wilson and wes closer to the end20171204063536_1.thumb.jpg.6aca706a0306559513a520a70a4c67ac.jpg

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14 hours ago, minespatch said:


To be honest, when you run long enough, the theme music stops being Yakkety Sax and starts being Chariots of Fire.



Wait, you're supposed to solo run with dead teammates?  Not just hope the first pit pig drops the feathered wreath?  I guess I did it wrong, then.



At least I got a chest for 40 minutes (and 100+ laps) running with the pigs.  It contained /slowclap and /impatient, oddly enough.

I did a bunch of one character matches.  Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots from the all-Webber or 5-Webber-1-Wilson matches (they didn't end well), and I'm having trouble remembering which of my screenshots are from all-random victories.  At least I have these:



Incidentally, I was a "tank Wendy"


And again.


And tank 'Nona.


There was the time I was Wicker healer, we were in the late stages of the Boarrior fight, and I decided to take the first shot to wake him up... and it killed him.  Sadly, I don't have a screenshot of that.  But I do have one from my first team deathless run, where I also got the Participation Trophy of the Beast.




Oh, and one more thing to celebrate having a functioning signature again:




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