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  1. The red shading in the grass looks suspicious. Just me? Could be nothing, but it almost looks like it spells Wes.
  2. Hello, Just wanted to note that we had armor drop outside the arena. This helmet didn't make too much of a difference, but my friend share the same happened with the steadfast grand armor in a game by fighting the boarilla in a corner. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but is it supposed to be possible to get the same quest twice? I already completed a quest to avoid the dash of a pit pig and received it again. Thank you!
  3. When The Forge or Community Unlocks data only shows a blank screen that says "Syncing Data..." it is not possible to proceed to character selection. This happens regardless of whether I disconnect and reconnect, even after turning the game on and off again.
  4. Nothing happens

    I may have been in the same group as the revenant. Can confirm that after people leave, the dialogue begins and enemies spawn.
  5. The Forge Has Ended

    ^!!! I wanted to thank you for this event. I was really fortunate to meet a team early who I was able to play with nearly every day. My real life friends first introduced me to DS and I grew addicted. We played a couple rounds of DST when we could all find the time, but they eventually moved on. I used to putz around on official public servers to gather and leave resources before dying so players could hammer my bones. I did this day after day, restarting at day 1, but always dreaming of building the ultimate base. After meeting a lot of people through the Forge, from all over the world, I'm happy to have friends to consistently play with for the DST base game. I learned a lot about myself and things I need to work on. Some people just want to have fun, whereas I enjoy strategizing and feel a deep sense of responsibility towards my team when I make mistakes. My expectations tended to be high unless I was playing with people who were new, and I struggled a lot with people who weren't willing to listen to feedback (or just listen, generally). I noticed myself at level 50+ thinking I knew almost everything. Then at 100+, realizing how far I had come and knowing still that there were gods out there like @Billiscool. I was very humbled. I enjoyed playing with my team but also enjoyed playing with new players on public servers once I was more comfortable. I once went to a server where newer players asked for advice and had fun showing them some things I had learned. Lesson #1, keep your healer safe. One player was hesitant to run, but gave it a shot after I shared that learning to run well would help them play every other character better. I found that part of Forge to be a thing of beauty. I felt like the more flexible I became in playing other characters, the better I became at the characters I wasn't playing and the more I learned about how to better coordinate with my teammates. As Wilson, I learned to keep an eye on where my teammates were and the status of their health. While running, I learned both how to pull aggro and how to avoid damage to both myself and the team. As a healer, I learned how to juggle equipment and armor, the importance of spell placements/timing, reinforced keeping an eye on my teammates and avoiding overlapping other players for enemy attacks. Etc. My fondest memory of the game was uncontrollably laughing at myself and my poor aim while my entire team tried to take snortoise aggro in order to help me get the molten dart achievement as Willow until we all ended up in a meat grinder. I just felt so grateful to my team. Also laughed hysterically when our tank got knocked out of the arena and we told him to go as far out as he could so off he went on an adventure surfing lava. Bahaha.
  6. Happened to us too. Looks like it was fixed: