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The Community - what happened?

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As this event ends, it's time to say some positive stuff.

I'll be honest, I had a great time this event, yeah I only got to level 60 or so. but yknow what? I had a good time, I met new friends who I added.

got some neat items out of it. and had some good friendships, and I hope some people did the same.

I hope next time around since it'll be the 2nd event people will chill out more and I hope more people feel 

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13 hours ago, BRUCER said:

Awful people are in every community, just let them be an example of how NOT to communicate in teams. A few examples would be the guys yelling profanities at their teammates, the micromanager who spends 90% of the time telling players what to do via typing, the stubborn player who takes no orders, and ones who simply don't care.

The players that bother me the most are the namecallers and micromanagers. I had an incident just yesterday where some level 90+ joined our public stream server with a mix of level 10-50 players. After gloating that they were the highest level and calling us noobs, the player tries to micromanage everything we do. They constantly stood still to tell us what to do, died the most times in the process, got flak from several teammates, then left after Scorpeon phase. The Forge has a general strategy per role/wave, if you've played a lot of forge then you'll know what I mean. Unfortunately the unsavory folks do not know a casual game from a serious game. The level 90+ player we played with was an awful tank, as a WX they could not demonstrate dodging Scorpeon Acid let alone the basic skills that come with a tank role, yet they still choose to type messages instead of focusing on themselves.

The bottom line for these bad teammates is that they need to understand that not every game is serious. The fundamentals of The Forge should also be understood before thinking of advanced strategies. The game at its best can be trivial yet fun, but at its worst it is difficult and infuriating. In the worst case scenario, wait for the game to end if you want to chew a teammate out! Don't let an idiot hold your game hostage.

...Of course, there is always the possibility that a player is just a plain jerk, there's no cure for that! ;^)


I got all the achievements, but I don't how many games I played. I won around 12-13 times though if that helps. I found that the best players were from the beta, and only ever had a problem with one person. As the Forge went on, you saw the "good" player and "bad" players level up. In the beginning of the Forge, level 20s were reliable. Then it became 30, 40, etc until you found towards the end of the event that lvl 50s were playing horribly. You could be really high level and not be a good player, because this game requires a lot of strategy and coordination form everyone.

9 hours ago, Solestaire said:

I'm new to using forums, so please pardon me if I seem quiet, especially since I'm the OP.

Thank you all for the advice. The Forge is now over, but in the next event (or maybe even in DST public), I'll try looking for those nice people again :).

I just wish there was something I could do about it apart from outright leaving the lobby and praying I don't encounter horrible people in my next game or have to actively look for the same people to play with (it's not that I mind looking for them - I'm just a person who likes meet at new people).

That is all you can do unfortunately, just like in these forums, you have to ignore the toxic people (it is what I did). Hell, just read at what some people commented in this post, and you can tell just how toxic they are. You can also tell which one are the good ones, like @Lumina .

I only ever lost it about 3-4 times when being heckled/insulted during the event. I was disappointed with myself that I let their toxicity get to me. Flinging crap at people doesn't accomplish anything.

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