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Statistical occurrence of vegetables in turbo farms


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After many hours of straight farming and eye strain.I have the data of each vegetables statistical emergence in turbo farms using 4 farms assuming each farm is independent and all data collected is random independent samples. post-584-13764589298206_thumb.jpgPercentagesPomegranate- 3%Pumpkin 19%Dragon fruit 2%Durian 12%Carrot 20%Berries 14%Corn 13%Eggplant 17%From sample of 100 vegetables gathered form 4 turbo farms.

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During extensive game play I can say the dragon fruit actually occurs more than the pomegranate. However I do not have a bigger sample size. If anyone wants to run further experiments to ADD to my sample size I would be very happy to add the data.

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Well no need any more. It has been heard from Kevin that all vegetables will have the same likelyhod to grow.

Weird, I read that quote and what I made of it was that the current build, due to some testings, drop every veggie at the same rate (including berrys and carrots, which shouldn't appear) and that he'll fix it again to different probabilities.Do you remember where it was that he said that? So many new threads created lately that it's difficult to keep track.
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