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  1. Oh? A living plant is following me - I should eat itBeard Hair? - More livesSurrounded by monsters - I should sleepThis log from the treeguard is screaming - I shall keep itI strange creature is following me - I'll shove my poop and food into him for storage
  2. Excuse me of not knowing for sure, it might of gotten harder every X amount of days for all I knew, it wasn't very clear -.-EDIT: As you progress the levels....welp, it was clear, I just didn't notice that, I'm not that perceptive <.<
  3. Dos it get harder when you go to the next world?
  4. Excuse me if this is a stupid question...but....yeah
  5. mmm, all of those suggestions sound very,v ery good to me, I hope the developers do include this ^_^But yes visual effects would be very nice too
  6. I just thought it was really good to see the new map, it was always nnoying to me finding biomes and roads but now it's so easy! :3 Jsut a thank you to the Staff from me
  7. Who is maxwell?

    Nobody exactly knows yet, maybe a Dev will give you a spoiler?
  8. What is this new terrain generator? Oh, and will the Smallbirds grow up?
  9. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    I know them, but don't watch it at all
  10. [Gameplay] Feeding Pigs, No Manure

    Well if you feed them meat they don't poop, they follow you, protect you, and cut down trees with you.
  11. [Gameplay] Feeding Pigs, No Manure

    Soooooo if they eat their own manure, do they drop manure? xD
  12. Payment

    A debit card works too if you have it :3
  13. [Gameplay] Feeding Pigs, No Manure

    o_o O_O :S -.- >.< So many faced I could use here :<
  14. [Gameplay] Feeding Pigs, No Manure

    Then do you think you could make it so you can't feed the pig during the waiting period, saying something like NO ME FULL NO HUNGRY Basically so people don't use their things when it won't give anything