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Lost XP


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I just got my first win with Wolfgang, giving me enough xp to level up twice. But my level stayed the same (38) and I did not get any chests, though I still got the achievement for Wolfgang victory. No crashes, just disconnected normally. Sadly did not take a screenshot of the victory screen. My steam id is 76561198168515321image.thumb.png.c368df7acba74e0c2cddc37d03bde3cd.png 

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Just now, Cyberboy2000 said:

Wow, it worked thanks. I got real scared for a sec.


oh i did too haha, because mine didn't show this win. 

4 levels, 4 chests, deathless achievmeents xD didn't show up when i exited the server. But i restarted and it came back just fine




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