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  1. Neptune Corporation

    Fixed Pressure Sensor issues when using a program with a cooldown while Programs Extended is installed. Fixed errors when hovering over a Frost Trooper or Elite while Advanced Guard Protocol is not installed. Fixed daemons spawning on pressure sensors, for real this time. Added option to offset the map upwards. Chilling Aura no longer has an effect on the first turn.
  2. After a long time of hiding, the mysterious Neptune corporation reveals itself. Based in Antarctica and well researched into cryogenics, they will use all new tricks and traps to protect their facilities. This mod was created thanks to us modders being given permission to use Spyface, one of Klei's internal tools. In this mod you can see how it can be used to create new worlds. The art itself is reused from ingame sources. Decor, tilesets, literally everything is WIP. Guards use assets from FTM guards for now. Change log: Requires Sim Constructor: Steam Workshop version: Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  3. Neptune Corporation

    Okay, I know what the issue is, but I'll have to think for a while on how to approach it. For now you can simply download Advanced Guard Protocol, it will fix the issue. You don't need to use it, you can turn it off before you start the game, just have it in your list of mods.
  4. Neptune Corporation

    Added Frost Elite. Added Seeker Trooper and Seeker Elite. Fixed crash upon entering a high security Neptune mission. Fixed daemons spawning on pressure sensors.
  5. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Breaking firewalls so longer raise suspiciousness of Omni Hackers and Modded MKX. Tweaked Guard Communication further.
  6. Steam workshop link Advanced Guard Protocol is the mod to look for if you want to add anything guard related! It adds: The mod also offers a new experience in the form of "HARD MODE", a mode where guards are faster, smarter and deadlier in every way. In order to use hard mode you need to install Sim Constructor Updates: Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  7. Neptune Corporation

    You should always keep your mods up to date. I know that it's inconvenient for users not using steam, but it's necessary to avoid issues like this.
  8. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Update: Improved Sprinter portrait, added Assault portrait, fixed the On Guard trait sometimes being visible after the guard got alerted, patrol changes, scans and guards communicating no longer raise suspiciousness, and fixed crash in the case that there are no empty cells next to a guard that another guard is communicating with.
  9. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Added options for Guard Communication and Guard Suspiciousness.
  10. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    No more errors if you try to add banter to an agent that is not enabled. Added the ability to add arbitrary functions to be called whenever campaign time changes.
  11. Sim Constructor is an utility mod, allowing mod makers a wide range of functions while maintaining compability. If a mod uses Sim Constructor everyone who uses that mod needs to have Sim Constructor installed as well. Steam Workshop Version Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  12. because it's hip
  13. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Fixed another crash
  14. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Made the addWorldPrefabt function work with existing corporations as well as other mods
  15. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Fixed incorrect looking doors when using custom wall textures
  16. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Fixed mods not unloading for old saves. Added worldmap modifying features.
  17. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    System Admins can no longer use their Panic Button if it's alarm level 5 or higher. Prototype Security no longer benefits from a firewall higher than 3. Added portraits for Sprinters (WIP)
  18. 2 screens

    That's a Wii U.
  19. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Fixed Countermeasures never disappearing. Added options for credit scaling and credit scaling ceiling.
  20. Generation Options+ is a mod that adds new options to the generation options screen. Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  21. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Update: Fixed a crash, made the 'love letter' event able to spawn in any corp, and made some of the rarer events more common.
  22. This is a mod that adds random events sometimes when you use a comsole or other device. The mod adds a few events that were in the game during early access, but later removed. (Note that these are from an older version so your skills don't affect the outcome and some events that were added later aren't in the mod) These are meant as examples however, if you are a mod maker I encourage you to try to make your own (better) events. Changelog: Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  23. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Added one more event that I forgot about yesterday.
  24. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Added 4 more events. Unlike the previous events, which are updated from an early access build of the game, these ones are merely based off how I remember events being, so they are not actually the same events as the ones during early access. You'll have to live with my bad writing skills if you choose to use them.
  25. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Fixed some stuff that was not reset between games if the mod was disabled.