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  1. Signature restrictions

    There are limitations to what you can put in your signature, like at most 3 lines, at most 3 urls and at most 1 image. While it makes sense to have some limitations, these ones seem a little arbitrary. I just want to put what mods I've made in there! How is adding a few more of those more harmful than those that have massive quotes or links in their signatures? I suggest that the only limitation should be how much space is allowed to be used up.
  2. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Bump, to prevent archivation.
  3. This is a mod that adds random events sometimes when you use a comsole or other device. The mod adds a few events that were in the game during early access, but later removed. (Note that these are from an older version so your skills don't affect the outcome and some events that were added later aren't in the mod) These are meant as examples however, if you are a mod maker I encourage you to try to make your own (better) events. Changelog: Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  4. Hello operators! We on the Invisible, Inc. Discord ( have decided to do a succession game of sorts (if you have ever heard of Chain of Command for FTL this is a bit similar) where we play one mission and then give the savefile to someone else and let them continue. A difference between this and Chain of Command is that everyone is playing at the same time and the savefiles are given to the others randomly rather than everything happening in a predetermined order, so you hae no idea who has played on your save before you until the event is over. If you wish to participate, hop over to the Discord channel. We have currently set a 48 hour deadline for signing up, but we're not too strict so if you miss it by a little you can still participate as long as you get the first mission done quickly. Recording your progress is recommended but not necessary. Even if you're not interested in participating you can still join our Discord in order to keep track of progress, chat, and maybe join us in future events : ) Hope to see you there
  5. Signature restrictions

    But that's no fun is it? No, I obviously don't need looser signature restrictions. The amount of people that would be interested in my mods, is on the forums, and doesn't already know about them is basically zero. I just think the style I've got going looks nice. This topic is not about my mods, I think it's weird that you can put so much stuff into a signature by using images and links to forum posts yet a 2- or 3-line signature might not be allowed because it contains too many links, like the one minespatch uses.
  6. All Achievements Reward

    There should be something special given to those who have 100% of the achievements. This is only because I want to thank all those people that put time and effort into the game and toats not because I just got my last achievement.
  7. Christmas Event

    This came up less than a day after the Halloween event ended btw.
  8. Signature restrictions

    I know that, that's exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote: I don't think that there should be no restrictions, I think that the restrictions should be based on how much space your signature takes up (so that it's not possible to do what you did) and not how many links there are (the links in my signature take up barely any space).
  9. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Fixed a few compability issues with language packs. Fix for no starting mission when travel times are set too high.
  10. Sim Constructor is an utility mod, allowing mod makers a wide range of functions while maintaining compability. If a mod uses Sim Constructor everyone who uses that mod needs to have Sim Constructor installed as well. Steam Workshop Version Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  11. It's a known issue, but thanks anyways.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    (Here's the transparent version)
  13. Yes, you have to try to not get hit. It's very easy to get if your team is remotely competent.
  14. The Forge. Q&A

    No worry for now:
  15. Cat people?
  16. Can someone explain what is this Switch? I don't really get it.
  17. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Added options for Magnetic Reinforcements. Added option for Missions Per Day. Added option for Storage Size.
  18. Generation Options+ is a mod that adds new options to the generation options screen. Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  19. Actually ruins gear is now renewable thanks to the Ancient Fuelweaver
  20. You might have to wait until this one gets more developed:
  21. Master of multitasking

    Someone make this team work pls:
  22. I played a few all random games recently and noticed that I had skins for a character other than the one I was using. While playing Wilson I had Wickerbottom's skins, while playing Wickerbottom I had Willow's skins and while playing Woodie I had Webber's skins.
  23. Master of multitasking

    This was on a server for all random teams, and this is what we ended up with so it's what we had to make do with. We actually got pretty close to beating it (I think) if I hadn't missed the sleep at the end, so this should definitely be possible.
  24. Killing Grand Forge Boarior

    No it's not. Where's the completionist in you