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Rank Suggestions


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'Rank' refers to the titles you get in the Hall of Fame screen after a Forge round. I'm not sure what all of them are, so some might overlap already present ones.

Feel free to add on your own ideas!

Jack of All - Utilizing all possible weapons of an individual character & total damage dealt > #

Legend - Be the only one left standing and managing to revive a teammate/save the team

Scarred - Get poisoned > # times

Commander - Talk > # words

Survivor - Take > # damage

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Revenant - Was revived X times more than most of the team
Flamethrower - Dealt X or more amount of fire staff damage
Nap Bane - Woke up X amount of enemies
Fidgetmancer - Stopped X amount of rolling turtles (WX passive doesn't count)
Clueless chicken - Dealt less than X amount of damage AND healed less than X hp and received less than X amount of damage
Conan the Librarian - Dealt more than X amount of damage with books


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20 hours ago, Aeschwutz said:

Pretty Princess - Didn't make any damage whatsoever

The other team members better get a 1000xp bonus if anyone gets this rank lmao. Or for starting/ending with less than 6 people in general.

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