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DS and base DST getting some of the nice mechanics in The Forge

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EuedeAdodooedoe    1187

There was a lot of work put into this. And while I do hate the fact that this event, and the prior content addition to DST (A New Reign content) was done in , this event includes some things that I can very much appreciate, such as new emotes, better firestaff shooting effect, an actual throw-fall animation that your character plays when you get hit by a huge opponent and some other things. These things could very well be implemented in the base game to improve on the already-existing content.

It would simply be nice if you revisited some of your old Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together content and add in some better mechanics and whatnot here and there, like you have been fixing bugs and such in various places. The Forge includes various interesting features, like I mentioned above, and I think if you were to, say, implement for DS RoG and DST the throw-hit effect for when, say Bearger, Gmoose, Dragonfly or The Ancient Guardian attack, I think it would be some nice and positive change to the game.

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