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  1. Any more changes to Winona?

    I'm not even complaining on the level some other people were before, calm down. Just expressing my opinion that's all. Is there some specified time period I am granted access to post my thoughts about something? If everyone does it, it's ok, if none does it I should stfu? Some people get puffed up because there hasn't been an update on upcoming content after 2 - 3 weeks of waiting, don't you think that's a way bit more on the complaining side than anything I posted here?
  2. Any more changes to Winona?

    @x0VERSUS1y sure, you make a good point about most players not being able to master difficult mechanics. But crafting, using tape on weapons and tools, and the harsher downside when at low hunger is the exact opposite of that. For Wickerbottom, you will be losing sanity when taking use of books, so you have to be well equipped to fight that, similar with WX when getting overcharged. But for Winona, all you have to do is make sure you just eat a bit more than usual, it's not difficult to learn to keep your hunger high, that should be a given. It may be fun for casual use to have these characters just because, but isn't that how they started out? Winona was given a few more perks, but she wasn't really made that much more useful in a general sense. New players might not even take use of the catapults and whatnot to be fair. Having a better tape and half the crafting cost for things by default is instant demonstration of a more fun and interesting character to play as, and it will obviously prove to more experienced players as well that she can be a good asset to the team and as someone to play as. Isn't that what the purpose of the reworks supposed to be? Or are we having them now to have things different for the sake of being different? Chances are, most of the changes are going to be done this month, if haven't already for the character. I would really love the above being applied, I have not had any will or reason to play much of any other character than WX. I would love to play as someone else, but again, if I don't see their use and it's not fun to play as them, what's the point? Willow in single player is much more fun and robust than in multiplayer and not just because of fire immunity, albeit that is a big part of why she is fun to play in single player.
  3. To people who do want content asap, patience takes literally nothing for you to do. Just come in, check on updates and that's it. If something doesn't come up for a very long time, may be it's time to ask questions, but I'm sure a lot of content takes months at a time to make, not 2 or so weeks, so you can't expect things to be released just like that all the time.
  4. Any more changes to Winona?

    @Viktor234 I have been told it is OP, but many character abilities are quite OP as is, and I don't think their perks themselves should be nerfed. Wickerbottom's books and WX's overcharge added along with his gear consumption and upgrades are awesome. The WX's perks are on par with the reduced cost construction perk and tape being used. Being able to just repair lower tier weapons and armor isn't really that useful long term, most players won't use lower tier gear. I really do not understand why people would hate the idea of her being able to craft some more thulecite items and craft basic items with less cost. You're literally just saving up resources, she's not a character everyone would always want to play as because of it, just someone one or two players would surely want to pick for helping out a team greatly and being enjoyable to play at the same time. WX's perks are OP, but they don't feel like they need a nerf, rather that his downside(s) need to be harsher, like the rain being more deadly, with faster sizzling with higher wetness meter. I'd argue the canons are way more OP than the tapes and half the crafting cost combined. So long as people can manage hunger, the downside doesn't kick in, it would usually be something you need to watch out for and sometimes it could really kick you in the gut, other times you probably don't need to worry about it. It's a great downside. The upsides + the downside I've proposed would make her a great character that can synergise and be on par with the most powerful characters. I mean, do we want more meh characters or more awesome characters? But do you think Winona particularly needs any changes? What would you change about her if so?
  5. The hunger drain was really the main reason players hated her. Now it seems like none cares too much because it's a non-issue almost, despite catapults staying as is? The spotlight mechanic was tuned to work better for multiple players, but remember that the character isn't really desirable to play as still, unless the faster crafting is something that you would constantly want to take advantage of, but is that worth not picking a more powerful character? For mega base building? That's very situational even then, no? She seems very much like a pick-and-drop character still, just more bearable to play with. The 5 special craftables as we have seen are a bit problematic for a multiplayer environment because of this, so I really think mechanic-based approach rather than entirely craftables approach for character reworks should be done, and in a way that's quite significant. I've proposed my suggestions before for her character. They are not really of my own, but I do think they would be great for her character. 1) Crafting with half the costs 2) Tape to repair weapons and armor 3) Faster harvesting along with the faster crafting 4) Slower crafting, slower movement speed, slower harvesting and crafting with normal costs when hungry 5) Increased hunger rate rather than a set hunger point drain with a minute cooldown? But what do others really think right now? Any changes that you would want to tune Winona more? What do you think of the suggested above?
  6. [Game Update] - 315751

    And I do, thank you, that makes quite a bit more sense and gives me and insight to understand what you meant. I can see this perk not being much of a problem, though I guess the game isn't made with good hunger issues in mind unless you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. I have had some issues myself when running out of food while in ruins or caves actually, even as WX, so either I'm really bad at managing my hunger or there's a bit more to this (I've had plenty of cases where people run up to the fridge while I'm cooking and say "I'm starving" in the chat, and these are pro players that I've played with on the regular). With a x1.5 hunger drain, Winona's hunger meter would essentially be as if it is at 100, with foods giving only 0.67 or so of the value for hunger than normal, mathematically speaking. This is almost on par with Wes, who would be 90.4 with his hunger drop rate vs his actual hunger points. You could have Winona's stomach be a measly 100 too, which would put her much more on the edge of starvation and her dowside taking effect. My idea here was to give a balanced downside that is between what was her downside before and what her downside is now. Do you still think, even with x1.5 hunger rate, the challenges of having lower hunger, and may be even having 100 hunger total make it always so easy to manage her downside vs the upsides that she gets? How would you balance it out with the perks I presented before?
  7. Winona had some interesting changes, though I don't think Klei had a good enough of an idea of what they were doing when they tried to provide good changes for the character. Won't dwell on it too much, but I think it's best if Klei follows these 4 points for characters: 1) A unique upside mechanic that will keep the player playing the character on a regular (e.g. my suggestion for Winona for instance was allowing her to craft things with half the cost as well as harvest things twice as quickly). 2) Upside that would allow the character to be useful for the team regularly (e.g. Winona's machinery already is, and some have suggested that her tape should repair armor and weapons as well). 3) A downside that is significant, but not unbearable (e.g. Winona's downside was too unbearable, but now it's almost insignificant, so having a bit more of a balance between the two would be great. I previously suggested he having x1.5 hunger drain by default and when she would reach ~50 hunger not only would she craft slower, but would also harvest slower and move slower, plus if she had the half resource crafting mechanic, that would disable as well until her stomach isn't so empty. This can be very dangerous of a downside at times, particularly if you stay in ruins for too long or are being chased by something, but wouldn't be so bad as to be too difficult to play as regularly). 4) The character should be fun to play throughout (e.g. Wickerbottom is a great character, but because of how demanding her perks are, it really doesn't become so fun to play as her). On another side of reworks, some people have suggested the idea of reworking bosses, and I completely agree with the idea. Damage sponging is never really fun, and gameplay gets dull when the outcome of the battle is mostly based on whether you have enough weapons, armor and healing foods and not much else. That is, if you fight without cheese methods and just brute force them melee style. For me personally, Fuel Weaver has been the most intense of fights, despite him having only like what, 16000 health compared to some others? Sure there are cheese methods, but they aren't so easy to set up as some other bosses, and even if you take that out, the battle is still quite intense for 1 or 2 players at least, and a lot of it is due to the fact that the boss was designed with difficult to dodge attacks in mind. For this reason, I think it's a good example of how to go by designing a well thought-out boss fight. However, because of cheese methods like using lureplants + houndius shootius, that should also be taken into mind as well and the weaver himself could have some tweaks to the fight (e.g. allow him to attack lureplants and such if they are in the way of a target, make his bone cage fully cage you when you are near an indestructible object/edge of the map). So here are some points that I think, and I'm sure at least some others would agree are good trains of thought for making a well rounded battle. 1) Make it more about the attacks and defenses the boss has, not the health. Too many bosses are just a grind of hitting it without even that much dodging till it is dead. Dragonfly and Toadstool in particular are prime examples of this, and in fact, these two bosses have a lot of potential for a lot more kinds of deadly attacks! Dragonfly could use some form of fire breath attack for one, while toadstool could not only byte at players, but use its tongue to take out items from player's inventory to chew them up, may be their equipped helmet/hat or chest armor, without which the player could be gobbled up instead. Just throwing that out there. Some bosses could be more fun if they had deadly attacks, even if they just had like 5000 or 10000 health, provided it's done well. Antlion doesn't have a lot of health, but because the fight is so deadly, it's not a boss you can always beat as easily as a tree guard (whom too should probably have some extra attack added to make them harder for professionals, while keeping it at a steady difficulty for newer players). 2) Put some focus on tuning the power of cheese methods. If someone finds one, it may be some strategy to beat the boss, but may be not make it completely useless. Players for instance have used pan flute to get dragonfly out of its enraged state. While pan flute is meant to be quite powerful, it's a bit too powerful. A wrong way I think of going about this would be making dragonfly immune to its effect. So may be dragonfly instead could stay in enraged state even when set to sleep, meaning it is still useful for giving time for players to prepare for when she wakes up, but she may still be in enraged state after waking up. 3) Walls and structures bosses/mobs can't move around or destroy. This would be part of the above point, but because it's so widely used for so many cheese tactics, I think it deserves its own point. Walls and fences are often something you can use to give way too big an edge in the game. Dragonfly's larva are a prime example. Because most mobs go around walls if they can, you either need a full set of walls around your player or around the mob that you want to abuse the AI of to keep in tact. I think that AI for moving around walls should be a bit different, so that a mob would attack walls or try to get over them instead of going around them, if it's a relatively long line of walls. Then walls become a bit more useful in the conventional defense sense and less so when it comes to a pen that had been designed to abuse AI for a much easier fight. It would mean that putting some walls around your base is a good idea, as some hounds will be stopped by walls around and would have to chew their way through, instead of having every single hound AI around them and come in through the openings. May be larva could jump over tier 1 walls, but would attack them if they are above any other height and even if it's like a line of 8 or so walls that the player is behind and not just a full pen. On top of that, structures like end tables should be something even some regular mobs should attack, like werepigs, if they are in the way of getting to their target. Goose too is a boss that can be penned behind some walls, though her main issue is lackluster attacks. It would also be great if mobs even like spiders wouldn't just attack walls for no reason, just because they are there. 4) Meleeing all the time isn't necessary a good thing. The primary resort in combat for pretty much everything is a strong melee weapon (e.g. dark sword, tentacle spike, thulecite club, morning star situationally), but that's pretty much all the fights. There are so many weapns in the game that aren't being taken use of that could be used a lot more particularly for boss fights. Weather pain became much more desirable of a weapon when Toadstool and Fuel Weaver were introduced. You don't necessarily need these weapons, but you will have a bit more of an interesting fight and be given an edge when using Weather Pain during the fights. Some weapons that could be used more include darts, particularly the fire and sleep kind (but normal tooth and electric darts too), gunpowder (it's really only used for taking off a lot of health from a boss, but may be it could be used in some other forms for the fights?), fire staff, bee mines and tooth traps (tooth traps have a use, a way too powerful one, of killing hound waves, but it would be interesting if we could use them in some form during boss fights) and cat-o-three tails. You could may be even think of ways to make some not-so-frequently used items like one man band or the belt of hunger to be useful! May be some boss could have an attack that would involve draining player hunger? 5) Don't just have optional bosses all around. Fuelweaver was set up nicely as there's a very good reason to fight him. He is technically optional, but progressively so. Dragonfly for instance isn't really that much, at least not after the first fight, if you think the furnace blueprint is necessary. I previously had the idea of toadstool being in a new purple mushtree biome, where some mushtrees would look exactly like his mushroom he holds out, instead of it being so obvious as to where he is. May be in some form, you could get stuck in the biome and would need food and wood to get out, but that would require chopping down trees, and in one of the spots, but different every time, inside the biome, a mushtree would be toadstool instead. It would keep the game intense and encouraging while still remaining optional in a sense. Or perhaps the toadstool could linger in one of the existing biomes, and have the mushtree on his back look exactly like ones generally in the biome? Of course, there would be a lot more tweaks needed for this, in particular if you are trying to find him intentionally, but for game immersion this kind of a set up could work really well design wise. Dragonfly too seems way too optional, and it would be great to see her at times roam about in the world tracking players, being the boss of summer again. For me personally, ant lion just doesn't fill the role as well. The main issue of having optional bosses is you keep content away from a player who is not inclined to face a challenge. Having a server reset because you were too dumb to approach a boss nest is too high of an unnecessary risk. But if the boss comes for you, and then goes, you are always on the edge. People like to megabase, and you probably would still be able to regardless of the challenge, but should that always be the incentive? Never really understood why we should be encouraged to create large elaborate automative farms, like gekko grass farm, instead of having some way of taking use of an item or a mob situationally to fill that role, like having lazy forager for picking up lots of items for you. It keeps things more compact, gives more room for the natural world and could keep the player from going insane if things go just a bit on the wrong side of what they want to happen, especially when there's so much more griefing potential from having a large base, as opposed to a relatively small one.
  8. Good point, should have referenced this before. I looked through my posts and seems like I only once referenced this sort of issue.
  9. [Game Update] - 315751

    @Sweaper that doesn't explain much. It's a rather good and powerful perk, but how is that a bad idea? I don't think Toros elaborated enough with why they didn't like my suggestions, like the specifics and all that. Is it because you and they think that it's such a powerful perk, no character should have it at all no matter what?
  10. Wiona catapult repair

    Sounds great, but doesn't seem viable without being annoying. Chances are, people would just resort to using other cheese methods to kill bosses with ease since a Winona isn't always going to be around.
  11. [Game Update] - 315751

    I can see your point to an extent. The character should have perks that make them great, but some changes to some other character may nullify that. Woodie for instance was a great chopper, until Maxwell showed up and took all the glory, because his minions do the chopping faster, automatically and without penalty as opposed to him. Though I do still stand by the point that she hasn't got much going for her to be played constantly. Bearable, but not really useful or having of a reason to play as her after some catapult and spotlight setup. If anything, I really wish she could be used to craft things at half the cost for her to be something to keep playing as and being more fun to play in general. With unique perks like that, a lot of the issues are solved, and there's not much of a room for usefulness conflicts to occur.
  12. [Game Update] - 315751

    I don't think I agree with you on that one. Care to elaborate? Slow walking speed, normal crafting values, slower crafting and resource collection speed when hungry can put the player in tough situations if you stay in ruins for too long or have critical situations to manage. Like many characters, having 2 - 3 good perks and either 2 average or 1 challenging perk seems like a fair way to go. What do you think her disadvantage should be then if she has perks as good as what I mentioned? Waiting till Willow changes, which may be next month would be too late, as she would be the focus. Winona is the focus this month, so I think it's best to have a lot of focus on the character before moving on.
  13. Oh noes, someone who knows what a strawman is :^o I was just making a comparison. I could argue against these points elaborately, but I've covered these sorts of points already elsewhere, so I thought a simple comparison between specifically the idea of allowing to cheese everything with catapults with setting all boss health to 1000 would suit well to give thought for OP and anyone who thinks it's a good idea to reconsider. I guess may be some people like the idea of having a relatively simple "skip bossfight" while still getting the boss loot method, but exploits like that can really ruin parts of games what would otherwise be well designed challenges.
  14. [Game Update] - 315751

    Some really nice changes, but as @Alarsin mentioned, she now has no drawback at all. Usefulness wise, she's almost at Wolfgang level, because for both of them, drawbacks aren't drawbacks, but minor inconveniences you won't even notice are happening. So now, Winona is tolerable to keep playing as, may even be quite fun, but still has not got any real reason to keep playing as, has no decent drawback and has powerful craftable structures that still make her very much droppable after setting up some canons and spotlights around. I would really suggest following changes: 1) Allow her to craft things with half the cost, as if she had construction amulet (with the amulet equipped, she could craft things as low as a quarter of a cost). 2) Allow her tape to repair armors and weapons. 3) For a drawback, she could have a higher hunger drain (x1.5 - x2 or so), may be with higher hunger overall (200 instead of 150? Or may be not, but x1.5 hunger drain with 150 hunger could work as a challenge), and when she hits a threshold, she would lose the ability to craft with half the resources, would craft slower than an average player and walk at 4 speed by default instead of 6. 4) May be make her to harvest things just as fast as she does crafting as well?
  15. Man, you shouldn't need to do this, so much effort just to tell us what we should have already known from patch notes seems a bit sad.