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  1. @HamBatter if Klei were to do this then it would kind of be the case, but I think it would be an interesting change. If you read the entire first post of mine, I do mention that I don't expect Klei to ever do this, and that this is more of a question about whether players would be interested at all in this type of combat being prevalent, not everywhere, but in certain gameplay situations, involving at least some of the bosses. The fights are more of an RPG experience than a survival one though, btw.
  2. @JohnWatson beating the idea that I wanted to have the game reflect reality a bit more? Nice, keep that trolling. Nothing like you described is anything remotely anywhere near like what I wanted at any point, but ok. Apparently suggesting even just a bit more immersion to this game is considered too tedious and over-complex. Weird in what sense?
  3. Title says it all, basically. I know you wouldn't be able to receive skins, but considering that it seems like on LAN you essentially do this, would it be possible to do it globally in some form? I might be getting towards the network wall with this one actually, but I thought it would be worth asking anyway.
  4. It was just a starting point, of course that's not all that this kind of combat would need to offer. And obviously scaling down boss' hp to fit these kinds of fights and not taking forever just to beat one boss would be necessary to have.
  5. True. The same thing goes for sponging bosses and giants right now, but in a more boring way. If you're careful in crafting the game's mechanics, you could make the gameplay interesting even if it repeats and you know how to beat the boss the first time. Another idea to add to this is to have some form of AI where the mob (in this case the Deerclops) could learn from mistakes made just a while ago or it progressing to the next coming of the giant. Not really an extremely intelligent AI, but switching in the behaviour of the mob. The player adapts, but then, to some extent, so then could mobs. For instance, if you take the scenario of tooth traps, deerclops hitting one, you hiding, him freezing the rest to destroy them and you running away, trying that the next or so time would result in it blowing a freezing breath right after freezing the traps to stop you from escaping. Difficult to implement, but it would vary the experience. The game's focus has shifted. While mastering the game and being GG at it has been in the game pretty much since its inception, the focus of new content was to circumvent that further more and make things more survival-like and be more horror-esque, with things coming after you, content that matters more to change up the core gameplay and whatever else more. Now, it's decorations, pets, optional bosses, making sure that you can build your base grander, to a point where those that are professionals demand from newcomers to "git gud" quickly and adapt the same way of playing, to a scary degree honestly. Instead of just playing the game and seeing what it has to offer and trying to immerse into the experience, as much as possible, it's all about making sure of the management of the world, of other players and every corner of land being under surveillance. I almost came to wanting that as well, glad I opted out of that. I'll try to see if I can make the kind of experience I'd really want and see whether others can appreciate it as well. Part of that is what I've created the last two threads for. Agh, anyway, I'm rambling!
  6. Emm, I'm not sure how what I described would make the game tedious exactly. I'm sure it would make the game much more intense. Having this more for the bosses, Deerclops in particular, I think would be very good, unsure about the other giants and boss monsters though. For something like spiders and hounds, I think hiding as an option in a very severe case could be good, especially for hound attacks, if those got improved, but generally you could still easily fight and kill small opponents this way. So, in essence kind of like a scaled system of sorts: * Small mob - easy kill, rarely, if ever need to use clever tactics, unless you perhaps want to trap one in some form. * Slightly bigger mobs - still killable, but you might want to use tactics that are a bit more clever depending on the severity of the situation. * Medium-sized mobs - you hunt them down! Koalefant being a prime example. * Smaller/weaker bosses - Put some more tactics to it. Basic melee is still quite viable, but inadvisable. Giants/stronger bosses - You'll surely get screwed if you're not thinking about beforehand or at least in the moment about this. Or you can just try to RUN!
  7. What do YOU hate about Don't Starve?

    This is probably off-topic, but I wonder what people would think of this type of "combat".
  8. So, from my previous thread, it seems that the combat is currently the main thing of interest right now. Many have said that the game could do with much more combat-involved mechanics, and while I certainly agree, I think that combat involving just more forms of attacking and dodging would make the game much more of an RPG than a survival one. So, while I do think that more combat options of that type could benefit the game quite a bit, I think that there's something else to the system that could be placed in; "combat" involving hide-and-run (if that makes sense). To give an idea of what I mean, imagine if instead of fighting a boss (such as Deerclops) purely by hitting him with various weapons and trying to dodge his attacks, you run away from him. You run away and you try to get him focused away from you for a bit and hide (behind trees and the like). You could lay traps to get him as well, with some mechanics in place to not make it easy; for example, if it's tooth traps, then only one or so could hit him no problem before he notices others nearby. He would lose focus from you as a result and start freezing up the tooth traps and destroying them into bits, giving you time to hide or more time to get a distance from him. This would make boss fights intense, embrace more of the feeling of horror into the game and generally just throw out all the mega-base-day-1000-GG gameplay with default settings, or harder, on (it probably would though, even to some extent). I honestly think that this is the better way of getting combat down with bosses to fit the theme of Don't Starve. May be that's part of the reason for why I don't really like Wigfrid as a character concept for the game, but that's a whole different topic. I don't really expect Klei to implement anything like this in either of the games at this point, considering the shift in focus of the theme and gameplay, but I do wonder whether and how many people would be interested in this.
  9. Meat Effigies re-design

    Show meeeee! But how would this feature work? Anyone can attune to an effigy and multiple people can attune to the same one, and if, say, two people that have a different character attune to one, what then?
  10. What do YOU hate about Don't Starve?

    I specifically noted that this topic is in regards to BOTH DS and DST. Read more than just the title, perhaps? Don't Starve section doesn't get that much attention though. Wish it did, but that is entirely dependent on everyone here. Don't Starve was initially meant to be a survival game with a horror theme, so there. Deerclops was added in ages ago, so that's why he's like that. I'm surprised you never realised that. If you check out the older trailers up until the RoG launch trailer, you can clearly see the different style and theme that the game was going for than it does now. It shifted, and I specified that at the beginning of the thread, actually.
  11. If anyone has a will to write a complaint just from the title DO-o-n't... n-no... don't do it... doooon't do it! I've made countrless rants, in a very bad format, getting my message accross very badly etc etc. and I think at this point, the game will just stay a social club experience instead of a survival one in the long run. Looking back, the game died as a survival-oriented one with the introduction of DST, honestly. Sad. But may be others could share their thoughts on the game, even if survival-adventure horror isn't what you expected or ever wanted? What do you hate about the games? Not counting the playerbase, the server management and the griefers for the multiplayer game, none of that, I'm talking gameplay, features, aesthetics, soundtracks, game design, that kind of a thing here. Don't Starve or Don't Starve together, from any version really. Making this thread purely for the sake of seeing what kind of criticisms people have for the games exactly. Because, despite a few people ranting, myself included, there's little overall criticism to be had that needs to be said. The overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam and the pressure for positivity on the forum just throws concerns under the rug. The games are interesting, with lots of potential and with various things done right, but we all know the game isn't perfect, and there are things that are at least questionable, right? I hope this thread can at least get something decent going on for it. That said, I myself hope to find out what people have to say in regards to that too. I'd suggest not going too specific in regards to character traits, items etc. unless you're giving some example from an overall point you've made.
  12. What Winona needs

    @Mr. Hastings could you make a video on how to draw in the artstyle of DS? I'm sure it could be useful for modders, since most mods include artwork that is very sloppy or doesn't fit the artstyle (some of Klei members included >.>), and I think a tutorial could help turn that around. Don't like this concept, but I like your art work here!
  13. -_- I honestly think it would make more sense if Wolfgang and Wendy both had less sanity, with Wendy having 150 and Wolfgang having 100... the guy already has a great buff so long as you can feed him, and then the only problem becomes his extra sanity loss. Rather he has less sanity in general, cause he is a bit weirdly goofy, considering the fact that he talks about himself in third person... he's strong and dumb is what I'm saying, but that's what makes him a niche character.