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  1. Lureplants are awfully powerful for exploits for what they are. It would probably be a good idea for having them be treated as walls, where a boss would either walk around, attack them along the way, or may be even jump over them. Fuelweaver in particular. But I bet there's not going to be anything done at this point.
  2. Why Has Nothing Changed?

    Toxicity... I'm sure the level of toxicity will often depend on how much the game encourages a player to be toxic. A professional can easily get annoyed from newbie mistakes when the game gives them no challenge and they have gotten used to building mega bases and reaching 1000 days and ongoing. This will depend from person to person, but the way a game flows is how the player will see the game, unless it is changed enough to make a certain kind of people think differently. This is probably why a lot of shooters have become increasingly more basic and dulled down, recycling the same content over and over again; the players expect the same kind of content that doesn't challenge the player and so they will continue wanting that, and getting that. In essence, profit breeds repetitiveness, repetitiveness breeds comfort, comfort breeds profit, and it's just a cycle that continues until the repetitiveness becomes a little too repetitive and dull. I could bet you, a lot of those players are either: * people who don't want to bother with forum and just want to play a game * people who have just joined the game to try it out * people who go on forums but rarely post, because they don't think there's any point for one reason or another * don't know what a forum is * didn't think to use a forum There are a few problems with that though... * You can't play on any server that isn't modded or doesn't have that mod to play with your character the way you think is reasonable. * Showing the modding section to people who don't like the way something is balanced encourages Klei not to balance things more and more. * Makes a lot more content that is complete garbage seem like divine bread sent from heaven itself. Here's a suggestion: * Check what people seem to suggest the most * Add what you think is most reasonable, based on the feedback * Put out the changes, see the response, tweak if needed * If you ever think you should get back to it, say, if people ask for another change, then repeat the above process Sorry to be passive-aggressive, but the idea of leaving something to be badly balanced just because you "can't find the one thing that will make things best for everybody right now" is ludicrous, that is just not how you can feasibly make good content and keep people satisfied. Is that really how you go about things? One set of people want this, others don't care, others want this, welp, better not make any changes at all and put it at the bottom of the priority list. Besides, if a lot of people can see that something isn't done well, but some are fine with it, it doesn't mean that those who are fine with it would rather prefer, amongst everything, to have things left the way they are. They are just okay with it. If Willow was added more fun mechanics that are balanced in their own right, I'm sure people would like it better for most people, if not everybody.
  3. Not saying he is, just that mods in general in places can have a huge bias due to a possible requirement as a mod.
  4. Possibly. While I feel inclined to trust you, I have seen mod bias before elsewhere, so I can't really take your word for it. Even if this is completely true, Klei has shifted their focus and seem to only bother with things when it seems like it's absolutely necessary and may be if they've recently been working on that, most of the time (except for basic bug fixes... unless it's pengulls...). Creating the original vision would be picking a smaller target audience. Why do you think exploits don't get worked on after Klei has moved onto working on something else? Why is there no support being made for different modes that would make the game easier/harder for players? Why is the content constantly about optional features and decorations? Why has the recent focus been on skins and temporary events? I think that's because if the other was done, they wouldn't be getting as much money. And when asked about or criticised, they stay silent, unless replying won't correlate to anything to do with the subject. Has Klei written anywhere AT ANY POINT as to why they have shifted the focus? I have had a reply once, and the reply was "I won't argue with you" even though my intention was never to argue, and all I did was ask a question by bringing up a topic. This goes from being suspicious to just blatantly obvious; more optional content, more dedicated players left in their comfort zone, more skins, more cheap content with re-skinned visuals, more temporary events = more $$$$$$$$$ When something becomes popular enough, the trend seems to be that the focus starts to shift to: * saturation * satisfying the fanboys/fangirls * aiming the content more for a larger audience * further content becomes more derailed and less innovative And I'd argue that considering everything I've questioned above and the purchase practices, Klei has gone through this phase already.
  5. I ddon't think suggestion section is pointless in general, of course, but even here not. Though, I will say that I find the gullibility of the larger part of the voters pretty disturbing... Pretty sure they're serious. EDIT: To be honest, while I do think at this point it's a "manurepost" section, but the fact that there's little to no attention being paid to suggestion does bring some suspicion to me. I think it's also the fact that everyone's so passive and normalised to just be okay with whatever the hell Klei makes enough to make things worse.
  6. No. Unsurprisingly, I'm the only one to answer the title's question. Unsurprisingly, people keep saying what's already been said 10000000000000 times before. Unsup... wait... You have all rights to a bath, you're welcome.
  7. Downgradeable WX (gear refund)

    WX being able to eat gears will result in players who are about to die with upgraded hp to downgrade a gear and then eat it for re-gaining hp, unless you lose hp as well even if you could just lose max hp without losing hp (e.g. if your health is at 350 instead of 400, but your max is 400), in which case it seems like it could work, but just having some slightly better way to renew gears than ruins or tumbleweeds could also easily solve the problem, like clockworks respawning on full moon or something. Btw, devs barely look at ideas nowadays. They just throw out stuff, and people take what they get, because screw feedback. You'll be lucky for a solution in reference to a suggestion to be changed in terms of the new content, which is just temporary events anyway.
  8. @Apchi the day will never come...
  9. Anti-hounds setup

    You're welcome. Don't like the content, get rid of it
  10. I haven't yet read any replies, but I could bet, the following posts will say something like "oh, but it has a lot of other content that single player doesn't!". Called it The game re-uses a lot of the existing content. It was just easier for them to port everything to a new game and *cough*moreprofitable*cough* so yeah. I've worked a bit with games development to know that there is indeed, a lot of ovarhaul that needs to be done when going from a single player to a multiplayer model for something. It could have been just an overhaul to the original game but each has their own opinion on it. Mine's kind of mixed.
  11. What Winona needs

    ... ...? ...! P.S oops didn't notice the necropost... you shouldn't really be pissed about that anyway -_-