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  1. Random Questions

    Because they don't do good game design? In single player, reading the book was it acting like a spell-book, where you read it, and it cast a shadow puppet. Way more simple and compact, but for some reason they decided the puppets must only be good at one job each that they do unconditionally, I'm really unsure. They look perfectly straight to me
  2. Character selection screen

    That was a feature in the game before The Forge though...
  3. Post-Forge UI is horrible

    On the subject of the main menu background, I think that the sketchy animation, while very much of minimal effort, captures a bit more of what DST could have been. I really wish this was a clue as to what the next event might be, but chances are, it's a red herring. I would suggest having single player DS music while looking at the new main menu, it's way more fitting.
  4. Really? Well, I'm trying to explain to the DS/DST fanbase, based on my observations, how things have come to a point where DS and DST's focus in particular aren't anymore fit for a survival-adventure game with a horror theme, as the content is focused more on , and the reason for this being is because Klei decided to take a lazy approach like this, because it's less effort on design, while still keeping their fanbase satisfied. Klei releases content, and the fanbase pretty much swallows it up. Same with micro-transactions and lootboxes being introduced; nobody seems to care really, and never mind that it's the same old "grind for it, or pay up" model, where you can hope to get the rare skins through grinding in the game for hours on end, or you can pay up to get what you want. While indeed Klei needs to earn money, you don't need to resort to these methods for it. As for everyone else, most of everyone doesn't find this even a bit peculiar, and so you get attempts at killing the thread via toxicity and now ignoring it completely, all to kill it, cause that's how you get out of discussion on forums nowadays I guess. In their eyes, I'm just a troll who likes to complain, but this isn't a thread for complaints and suggestions, this is for the community to reflect on what's happened and think about why things have turned the way they have. @Mario384 \/ That's the thing though; there isn't one single game that I know of that tries to explore the idea of truly immersive survival. But a game that seems to come close to achieving this would probably be Subnautica; even when you're progressing and know the ins-and-outs of the vast majority of the game, it still proves to be a deadly challenge whilst you're trying to do this. You can't just put a suit of armour on, grab a weapon and kite around a monster like it was your day job. That's what entices a sense of unease in the game. And it actually progresses to an end point with bits of story in it placed; to escape the planet. @ItsPizzaTime \/
  5. I actually don't have a lot of time on my hands, I'm writing this **** while ruining my sleep cycle because I'm trying to show what the fanbase is like to the fanbase itself, while they are actively denying it by trying to turn the tables using the same method of toxicity I pointed out they are involving themselves in, I guess you can't win because Toxicity + Positivity = Profit \/_\/ It's more intertwined. What the adventure mode tried to do in single player DS was combine story progression, with a sense of in-game progression through actions and challenges brought to you ahead. Of course, players found simple ways of making the challenges become a bit more of a DS vacation than anything, but the point is that this isn't being done anymore by Klei and neither could I find anything like that with mods. Modding, again, is way harder than coding the actual bloody game, so no wonder. Oh here we go again, demanding specifics while examples and the oveview of things aren't enough. I'm starting to think it's a way of dodging to admit to various critical faults with the game and the way things have turned out between Klei and its fanbase, but don't worry, I'll get to yet another attempted summary in a second. Go into details, too specific and nitpicky, talk about the overarching issues with the game and the state of things, you're demanded to be more specific, you can't win with you lot you can't ******* win, the toxicity levels are too high goddammit! You do realise that the way DST operates, which has little to nothing to do with competition in a multiplayer setting means they have no way of making meaningful advantage to players who would be willing to whale, right? They're quite greedy, but they're not idiots, the mechanics of microtransactions and lootboxes aren't set in stone, you know, each game type would have its own type of bollocks to offer. Cosmetics and lootboxes for those cosmetics, with really low chances of getting actual good stuff, while being able to get duplicates along with the market provision for them AND the ability to purchase these is already very reminiscent of your standard microtrasaction-lootbox system. They'd have to change the entire game in order to do that, but they've been clever about their money-making tactics; a temporary event, oriented around multiplayer combat and extended out of nowhere nevertheless. You get more of that dosh without making huge risks really. The "overwhelmingly positive" is part of the issue I was trying to address AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS THREAD. May be re-read it? If not, here's a summary; Klei's looking for ways that it can cash in more from DS and DST, not for the sake of making well-developed and designed experiences, but to see how far the fanbase is wiling to take it, and from the looks of it, they've cashed in on the toxicity + positivity duo. None really "squeaks the wheel" well enough about overarching issues of the games, it's even discouraged however rarely they appear by most fans themselves, and we get a load of half-baked and reskinned content that, while having potential, not really going anywhere. I think the above paragraph in reply to Mario384 kind of refutes that statement, at least to the extent that DS and DST are concerned. Never mind that having a bunch of armour, insulation items and holding the F button at the right times makes this quite the trivial matter. The chances of you dying even in harsh seasons when you're at the point is really flippin' low, it's basically dependent on whether you become careless enough from all the grinding and boredom you'll be evoking with your "mega-base day 1000" lifestyle. You're showing the exact thing that the video I linked at the beginning of the page was talking about; the player becoming angry from a challenge for something that used to allow for careful and grindy but easy leeway into victory. While I can indeed agree that having to punish the player for not playing the exact way you'd like them to, or, not giving them varied options and approaches is bad, balance between the challenge and the optional play-styles should still be maintained, something Klei doesn't bother themselves with at all, and it's because the fanbase allows it. Base being destroyed, wrecked, or at the very least, needing to be protected from oncoming danger is something that could very well prevent this mega-base bullcrap and keep the player focused more on survival and progression in story and what they have accomplished for it, rather than what they've grinded through in order to conquer the world and build a base big enough to show how huge their elite professional DS/DST-player d*** is. If you wanted to do that and the game prevented you from doing so no matter how easy you set it, then you could call it quite restrictive, but that's what settings would be for; make the life easier for yourself if you want that experience, change the settings harder to bring more challenge or keep them default to see how well you do in the default experience, or even having well-designed world presets that are encouraged to the player to try out, but the way most of the current settings are done and the fact that the games for the most part doesn't encourage you to fiddle with them at all if you're looking for some different experience is one of the things that go to show how poorly designed the games are. Again, Klei won't bother if most of the fanbase doesn't give a crap. Precisely; the forge and the adventure mode to some extent. But nothing else really, now does it? It goes to show that Klei can make well-designed experiences, but they won't if the fanbase doesn't demand it, which it won't, because they're all sitting near campfires, rubbing their balls while feasting their eyes on their high day-count and a base that spans the entire world. It is a huge problem if the challenge doesn't mean that the player will have time to rest and prepare for a following challenge without having the extra privilege of being the god of the world. For good design in a survival game, with the default that is presented to the player, the game needs to provide continued challenge with reasonable rests and not allow for game-breaking mechanics. DS and DST don't really do that. To take the example of honey, tweaking existing stats and variables isn't going to do things, mechanics, FUNCTIONS, things that set games in motion can, however. Making a game aim completely towards realism isn't going to make a good game, but taking inspiration from realism can result in greater immersion with the world feeling more fleshed out as well as actually fixing up those game-breaking mechanics. Imagine if you couldn't hold honey with your bear hands, and if food in general wasn't something you could eat without throwing up for eating way too much and losing some of that hunger and may be partly some other stats as well? You'd not only have honey balanced out, but food items in general! The moment you stop requiring a bunch of honey, the moment you will feel less inclined to grind to have 20 bee boxes just ready for you to harvest for filling in all of your health, hunger and sanity needs. The actual healing items would have way more priority for you in order to boost your health up, already making boss fights and the game overall, way more challenging. What I was trying to say, if it wasn't comprehensive from my initial post was that, I'm trying to elaborate on the overarching direction Klei have taken DS and DST, which involves microtransactions accompanied by loot-box systems, that the fanbase glances over, because the company has basically gained a monopoly on them through toxicity + forced positivity due to the nature of a player wanting more luxury in a game, despite this ruining a game's design and the challenge that it could otherwise have offered. It's a perpetual cycle of farted out content that doesn't get polished once it's set to "out of beta", because the fanbase doesn't demand it enough. They take what they're given, praise them, and then try to reinforce positivity, faced with mostly ignorance or toxicity depending on how much the wheel is squeaked, if you will . And then the rest of the topic's discussion revoles around me trying to actively explain that to some people, while for some others it's "trying to show what the fanbase is like to the fanbase itself, while they are actively denying it by trying to turn the tables using the same method of toxicity I pointed out they are involving themselves in". Does that make more sense?
  6. I blame Klei for not fixing the spoiler indentation bug on the forum, it's really annoying and why everything is indented as it is here... You'll just have to deal with it and open up spoilers to read the rest, because I can't copy/cut out the content within the spoilers for some reason. I'm not on a mobile either, so it's not mobile version to blame. @Toros where I have written "The focus of the point was" I meant to write: "The focus of the point was how the mechanics can be expanded to create a more engaging experience with the player and make the player feel like what they're in combat with is much bigger of a threat than it may or may not be." I can't edit it in, so, you'll just have to bear with that. Explain to me what by your standards is a "coherent and viable suggestion"? This isn't a suggestion topic either. It's a reflection and an overview of what has been happening and, dare I say "where Klei went wrong". I have made some specific suggestions, but you don't have to be specific to make a suggestion, I don't know where you got that from. A reviewer doesn't say "this needs/needed more of this character doing this in this specific scenario instead of what we got to be better", they would say "it would have been better if the story put a bigger emphasis on this, rather than this". This can and does apply to games too. And didn't I mention that making a suggestion is probably going to have Klei ignore it, no matter how good it is?
  7. I'm sure they know what they have not got balanced and finished. There are various items that are completely unreliable and subsequently useless for the most part if not completely, because other things are way more reliable. As a case in point, I could point to you to bee mine, one-man-band, night light (in DST, in DS it actually has one good use and that's in the ruins, but it's only useful because of an exploitable mechanic). To add to that, again, bosses are just some pinatas rather than actual bosses; for most of them, you have to get out of your way to face them, they are not triggered by any consequential or timed events, and kiting or tanking, as well as the basic mechanics surrounding their attacks makes it easy once you have a good idea of what to do. Boarillas in The Forge actually threw you in the air and made you land down from their swipes, imagine if that was the case with bosses, the combat would already be quite different, a bit scarier and immersive, because those kinds of attacks would make more sense from gigantic beasts. In terms of balance, it's exploits, especially in DS (e.g. fire farms, various ways that the lureplant can be exploited in, coffee in SW is the most OP thing I have ever seen etc.). In DST, structures that can be placed really close to one another can be used as invincible blockages for various mobs, including some bosses, . Smaller creatures post almost no danger due to how easy it is to dispose of them as a threat and farm their loot for stacks upon stacks of it. And even then, things become easy, because you don't need much skill or effort in order to build some form of base. Imagine how the game could be quite a bit tougher if the science machine required a set of gears instead of a gold nugget for instance? How darts could be slightly more reliable if you could make a blowpipe out of reeds and then have the darts require the darts themselves. Tentacles, while quite the deadly things, can be kited without a hassle once you can kite well, imagine if they could grab you and say, squeeze the living hell out of you. Ewe seemed like a step in the right direction, but there are loose ends to tie up and it seems as if after its implementation, nothing quite like that, which required a lot of player cooperation actually mattered. The player isn't in much danger while fighting and there's not much reason to worry once you're dead, as resurrection is easy. It's not a single aspect of the game, it's various aspects that build up that ultimately make the game extremely easy by default. It would be good if the developers looked at these exploits, unbalanced/unreliable items and unfinished/basic mechanics and actually tried to actively pursue to make a decent challenge for the players by default, like they are constantly fixing bugs, but they rarely ever do that, and for older content that basically never gets touched upon. And that's the biggest gripe of it all; easy (easy in multiple ways) content, that once announced "finished" doesn't really get touched upon almost at all. But that's the thing; you're not a Klei developer. If you were, you would have at least some idea of what I mean. What I would have them do? Their decision, their game, but so long as they keep with the initial vision whilst allowing for various tactics depending on world options, so that if you wanted things easier or harder, there would be good options for you, but right now, it's done in a way to completely discourage you from changing things around. Some variation of “add more story and fix things” is not sufficient. <= To that, I say it is. It is still valid feedback. Best if you give examples, but saying "hei, this specific thing is what I want you to do" means you're demanding very specific mechanics that you think should be in, and implying that developers should not have room to applying their own creativity. I'm not their ******* manager, I'm someone who played the game and was, over the span of updates for the game disappointed with the way content was handled in various ways, because I was promised, as it is still advertised, something entirely different than what the game is about. Say what you will, but I think I have the right to complain as a result. I payed for most of the content they hyped up to be something great, but then ended up being half-baked. And because the fanbase for the most part doesn't realise this, because they are just fine with whatever the **** is being shoved in their faces for the most part, due to them thinking that they should be grateful that they are getting something rather than nothing at all, nothing really changes. P.S. Wilderness isn't really like permadeath at all; you keep your world and you can get your stuff back, that defeats the purpose of what permadeath is. But they're not something that you can switch off from seeing on server/for your client side as a setting or a mod, are they? Yeah, there's no objective way to tell something is "trashy", but there's no objective way to say something is "good" either. It's all opinion. I care about the game because: * I payed for most of it * I was mislead * The game has a quite a bit more potential then Klei is willing to produce for it And I think I did mention that I will be looking to change various aspects of the game through modding. But why I'm complaining is because Klei still advertises the game as something it really isn't, they aren't striving for it anymore, and it would be great if I don't have to do so much work to do to change various mechanics for getting a decently designed game, if they put some good effort into making survival-adventure based elements. Because I didn't buy the content to then "fix it up" for myself, and I'm probably not going to get payed for the content I produce either, but they do and will.
  8. May be I'll try to reiterate once more, I'll try to get it as compact and coherent as possible. Most players typically gravitate towards something being easier to do. This can lead developers to change mechanics to a point where the game isn't so much about being challenging, but more about the player being the god by default (take note of the word 'default'). This I see has happened here in terms of content production for the game up until the end of ANR. And most players suck it up, get defensive when someone who sees the phenomenon points it out, and nothing really changes. Because making suggestions hasn't really worked. It's usually when enough people complain about an issue that actually gets attention in terms of tweaks and content. And that's quite sad. Another issue as a result of this is; leeway of microtransactions and lootboxes. They aren't "something to look out for", they are here. Not in the traditional sense of how these things are usually handled, but they are none-the-less that. Which is troubling because that seems to have been the focus way too much now from Klei; skins and more skins some of which are wishy washy and you can't disable them or individually select which to disable (and I don't see mods being able to or even allowed to do it if it is possible). Trashy skins, such as, @Toros: * pretty much all of the chest skins * the bowler's hat skin * The animal skins (e.g. chester, hutch, glommer and kittycoon skin sets... I mean how much lower of a level of "****ty modded character look" can you really get than this?) * Dragon skin The ****ty thing about them being that they: look off when seen in-game, have the wrong art style, . Moreover, you simply get re-colours as different skin items. Simply cheap and lazy, but a good way to generate profit. This cannot be solved with mods easily at all, because of the very nature of how mods can be produced doesn't fit it (although I'm myself looking into trying to get the experience I want through mod development, it isn't fair that a modder has to come in and "fix the game" and get nothing, while developers just fart out whatever first comes to their heads and get hell of a lot of cash for it). So, I want for anyone who likes the linearity of the playstyle of "aim for MLG mega-base day 1000" to see the other end of the spectrum of people like myself, who were hoping for and were led to believe that these games were going to have well-designed content, but were then disappointed, and think about what really makes a game good, not just from the sheer addiction to want to play more, but to enjoy the game by indulging themselves with well-designed content. Then may be we can get to a point where what is the "default" may be just a bit too easy for us, but a bit too hard for you, and through having good game world settings, tweak the game to create a fun and exciting experience for various types of players. I also think pushing the developers to actually finish and balance what they've made would be beneficial for us all, but what the hell do I know, right?
  9. Setting Autumn to very short seems to stop beefalo from being visible unless you're really close to them. Steps to produce: 1) Set your starting season to "Very Short" 2) Go next to a beefalo May be due to having Shipwrecked downloaded (doesn't make a difference whether you have it enabled or not). I know a lot of this is just a copy from the previous bug, but both are caused by this issue.
  10. Setting Autumn to very short seems to stop them or slow them down a lot from changing their aesthetic and loot drops, so you'll have Birchtrees with autumn leaves all the way through winter, spring and summer. Steps to produce: 1) Set your starting season to "Very Short" 2) Skip a few days to following seasons and you might see them not change their aesthetic and loot. May be due to having Shipwrecked downloaded (doesn't make a difference whether you have it enabled or not).
  11. Have you SEEN my older threads? Like, very old ones, even just like half a year or year ago? I went into SO much detail, to a point where people started to hate me for nitpicking things. And I do nitpick things. It all builds up to give a ****ty experience. I will give examples, but if you want to see me make a wall of text, or rather, an even longer piece of text about what I find wrong with the game, I can provide that to you. Question is, do you want to see that ****? It's all a result of Klei leaving broken and unfinished game mechanics. No, it was to encourage them to use different methods with the default settings. Certain things must be forced to keep gameplay afloat, but a lot can be left to letting the player choose various approaches to surviving. Encouraging the players to change their world options too would contribute to getting a better experience of what you are looking for. Yes, I am sad that basically every player who knows the game wants to play in the exact same way; grind, make the bosses your punching bags, farm, exploit, grind more. If it's the vast majority of the playerbase, then I think that would be the game's fault for not meeting the standards of attractions. It is onto the game to lead the player, even when you give a ton of choice, because otherwise, everyone's going to try to find the most efficient way and then everybody plays the exact same. Blame the game, not the player. There's not much choice in The Forge either; you either use the very same tactics that professionals use to win, or you accept defeat. It's not entirely linear, but linear enough to be called one type of approach. You and everyone else keeps saying the exact opposite, which is complete bollocks. Not just settings, but also set pieces. It should be obvious, VERY obvious. And if some form of world-hopping is integrated, so that after hopping a world you can change your world settings, may be through vote in some form, then some form of progression and new types of tactics due to the need to survive and escape the new world could occur. They are not encouraged to play it, because the game ****s on newbies even early game. Everyone keeps saying that "making it easier for newbies but harder for late-game players would be near impossible to do", and I call ******** on that; supplying newcomers in some form with basic resources and protection (see this thread I made perhaps) while at the same time making the world for players who have survived for a longer period of time to get harsher and harsher challenges, could very well be possible. It would require a lot of coding obviously, at least for making challenge for the professionals, but if you're gonna have a good game design, you should be doing that anyway as a developer. There is no such game that I know of that would actually provide the kind of gameplay feel that DS does while at the same time being challenging in the forms I have described. Care to point me to some, if any exist? Btw, mods you have to search for. It's cluttered, and the search options are complete **** both on the forum and on steam. Spending hours on end just to try and find something that goes well, just to then soon be disappointed as hell because something seems way too exploitative and I could be taking use of it without even knowing. The game not providing me with exploits would do quite well. For instance, those goddamn OP butterfly wings annoy the hell out of me, but I need to catch them for planting flowers, which is quite annoying. Then, you have punching bags we like to call bosses that for the most part you can just take use of either exploits for or just tank them a lot. Then again, you'll be tanking or kiting a lot anyway, which gets dull very fast. Demand that others are frustrated? I never said that or implied that at any point. The game could have a preset that makes things easier, with most resources to more and less hostile mobs, and if the game can do a good enough job at making the change of presets when trying to host in-your-face rather than being laid out behind some obscure setting on a sheet that looks like a spreadsheet. Some people actually bother with the settings when they want to make things easier for them regardless, so if they are also well-balanced as well as very much encouraged for changing, then I don't see what the issue could be. Wherever did the whole "git gud" thing go? I remember when people on the forum were very much against making the game much easier. Now it seems like the fan base doesn't really care much and wants things easier for themselves. * Mods will take hours to research, covered by ****ty with some character mods that we don't have enough of * In a multiplayer setting where the . If I want to play the game to experience it with good game design, I won't be able to do so with other people, because none will want to. * Many mods may be uncompattible with each other. * The art for most mods is terrible, and since I value aesthetic a lot for this sort of game, for a large portion of mods that might have alright mechanics, won't have good aesthetics that suit the sketchy art style of the game. * Having good game design doesn't involve just flipping variables. Good mechanics require a lot of work and effort, something most mods don't want to do. You can find some good mods, but in the grand scheme of thing, * Can you point me to a mod that actually generates a sense of story progression for the game? If not, you can rest your case. As for using useless/less useful items, that'll just feel like completely wasted time. I've tried to rely on darts, but then got disappointed that it made me do another whole set of grinding just to be minimally reliable. Nit-picky, but again, it all builds up. There isn't really a single specific issue with the game, it's a lot of little mechanical and aesthetic issues that all combine to degrade it all together. And trust me; you don't want me to rant on about specific details of the game, like how Deerclops, Bearger, Gmoose and Tree guard are the biggest punching bags in the games.
  12. I'm more sad that I can't play the game the way I want to, which is an immersive way that has the game put some thought into this. I don't think everyone everywhere should be forced to have the type of experience I want to, but I don't want to be forced into playing with the MLG-mega base day 1000 playstyle, which is where almost every server is going to because of the ****ty game design in terms of defaut settings and different world settings and the fact that the change of settings isn't encouraged. More presets that actually have decent balance to it (e.g. Maxwell lights in Lights Out for one) to encourage people to play them more. You can find fun in DST, but it's the type of fun that matters to me, and what makes a game good. I can have times where the same thing I hate about the game can be fun, but it then turns meaningless when it becomes a chore and a grind. You can enjoy trashy and mediocre games, but it doesn't make them any better than trashy or mediocre. I don't expect a perfect game, not by a long run. But I would at least expect some decent amount of thought put into the game design to make something of progressive value that still allows for different experiences and allow you to progress at your own pace or not at all if you don't want to, if, say, you mess with the settings, and for the game to encourage to change the settings, which I don't think Klei is doing enough, and it's because the fan base doesn't demand it and instead eat up whatever gets thrown out, and keep the silence when things don't get patched or completed, just hype up the next thing that will be coming out. Large portion of the fan-base have been dulled to this basic, grindy and lacklustre type of experience, which is rather sad. True, my above response points out the main issue that I really wanted to address with this topic. Loot boxes just kind of tagged along, and should have been left to a different thread.
  13. 1) You know what, you're right about that in terms of DST, my mistake. DS had this, but the games generally don't allow for a good progression. This, is what the game lacks in, not that it is good for not having it. 2) Demonstrate relying on these tactics by day 100 without having to grind to maintain these tactics. SW's spear guns seem to be the only decently reliable ranged weapons from my experience. 3) The Forge for a while indeed is a challenge, it really depends on how much you know the game, but even then you're kept a bit on your toes, that is what it did right. But I'm kind of surprised you have not addressed that I pointed it out as a moba experience and not really a survival one. In this game, I am after a survival challenge, which is what the game promised me. Instead, I got a lackluster survival experience which is really a social-club moba with a temporary moba challenge. And yet still, this is advertised as a survival game and almost nobody complains. Why? Your reply to my point doesn't address it here either. Your point doesn't disprove the fact that people keep demanding more comforting experiences, with decorations and skins, all of which is supplied, none of actual critical challenge. 4) For ANYONE who thinks the game is about in the way you play the game, you're lying to yourself, and to everyone else. Why? 1) If you're defining "the way of playing" being whether you choose to use a Puffy Vest on an occasion or not for instance, that is very misleading and delusional. It supposes that every one little thing you do somehow drastically changes your gameplay experience. 2) There is, really, only one general way people exceed and sustain their sessions to a point of being unstoppable: grind, grind, grind, expand, beat bosses for decorations, grind, grind, grind. This isn't what you have to do, but it is what everyone does, because you can easily do that in default mode. If it's something you could only do in a very easy mode of the game, that would make more sense. But people stick to defaults A LOT. Most people do. And because they do, you end up with everybody playing the same way. You get to a point where there is no more danger for you. I can't have a great experience in a multiplayer setting if the game doesn't help newcomers more and keeps the professions on their toes, while at the same time actually having some form of progression. Having the option to not progress is fine, but not having anything to progress to is truly stunning. The game has been out of beta for a long time, we now have temporary events, but nothing in the form of an actual self-contained experience that leads to something. Single player's adventure mode demonstrated that Klei is capable of making at least some form of progressive experience. Server issues aside, I'm sure you could still create a decent experience of progression in multiplayer as well. But they don't do that, they have given up on that, because most current players have ingrained themselves that creating a megabase only to then restart should be the main goal of the game. It already doesn't help that the settings that nobody ever changes in the game because of the lack of support for newbies or any way to progress to a new world with changes settings, are themselves very badly optimised. If the player is given to do anything they want in default mode without anything to actually challenge them, this is not a good thing. Player-choice is good to an extent, because otherwise you're going to come to crossing the line of having no real objective or challenge to the game, and DS/DST has officially done that.
  14. I have a feeling that is now the main goal of at least some of the users: to generate toxicity to silence serious criticism that they don't like. This works in their favour. I almost feel like the rules for the forum should be changed in that regard; instead of threads being permanently closed, them to be temporarily closed to get anyone who starts to get real toxic in a topic without contributing anything of value to the discussion, should get punished, not the topic itself, then for the thread to be re-opened to keep the discussion going if there's things to discuss still. For anyone who wants to eat red mushrooms from all this, re-read what I wrote at the beginning. Do you have any idea as to what my points are here? You have fallen into the trap of accepting pretty much anything that is being put out, and then the little criticism that is being put out there, which is of major concern, get briefly mentioned at best, and toxicified to blocking of discussion completely. Only when the outrage is high enough for months does something get done in order to fix an issue. Forced positivity is always good, thank you for that, I really didn't get enough of this already. I can certainly agree with @Master Wolf about the unfinished nature of pretty much everything that has been put out for the games and the lingering of old bugs and exploits. Nothing ever feels finished, and it doesn't get fixed if it's of old content that Klei doesn't want to bother with. How can you give respect for the company when it's doing that constantly? As for the loot box... well, it's technically already here, and has been for a long time in the form of skin gift boxes and now for The Forge with actual rando drops, which is one step closer from the skin drops to actual random-item-purchase loot boxes. These two may not be the common method of lootboxes, but never the less, they are still loot boxes! It's just an extended method for the current gambling method. Klei seems to be basically dodging the definition, while at the same time, containing the loot box in the game with most being fine with it. People keep justifying it with the same excuses other game fans have done basically; "games are expensive to make, so they need loot boxes and microtransactions to generate enough profit" while here it's "working on DS/DST is expensive, so Klei needs to have microtransactions and lootboxes for skins to generate enough profit". Whether or not they do is of irrelevance because there are other ways to generate money while still not splitting up the fanbase, something I'm glad they haven't done... yet? Oh, and ofc, the micro-transactions are here already, and Klei profits from that. It's no wonder there are some really, REALLY trashy aesthetic-ruining skins there. I am not against the concept of skins but there is a problem with the statement "if it doesn't affect the mechanics it's fine", because again; aesthetics are part of the game, they build up the game, and if you have bad aesthetics, part of the game is ruined in its feel and creating actual quality art for the game becomes more redundant. And you can't turn off all/certain skins on servers/for your client side at all! Perhaps, but not all skins have actual quality put in them, and you can't switch them or certain skins off for your server nor your client side if you don't want to see them, so they are kind of forced upon your gameplay through other players having them. Sounds a bit dumb, but that's essentially how it is. 1) Oh, but the grind is the core of the game; that's what you have to do to succeed, or rather exceed. And what did The Forge introduce? Oh, more of ******* grinding! And this time for LOOTBOXES! Of course it is! I just realised NONE has attempted to address any of my initial points. You know, I really appreciate that some people would rather just **** on serious criticism about a thing they love so much that they really need more positivity for it.
  15. Inventive how exactly? Having a proper goal in mind, while letting you play in various ways is not the same as letting you do whatever the hell you want after a certain point without much consequence, changing the game to a point where you're not . My point isn't to force players to play a certain way, but encourage it, and that's tough to do, but not unfeasible. With the world options to change gameplay, you could get a bigger challenge for yourself, but the game doesn't encourage the challenge. You've been playing default for a long time and so you continue, and even if you change settings, a lot of them are badly balanced. Not only that, the mechanics stay the same. And modders are unlikely to fix that, it's often about making the game even easier than it already is after a certain point, and that's because making an immersive experience would require way more work than a modder can afford to do. It's supposed to be Klei's job anyway to make a decent experience, since they have full control of the game, can implement content much more easily than modders can, and they get payed to work on the game. Modders don't, and there are no real mods that change the experience to a truly well-crafted survival experience as a result. Just a bunch of character mods with basic tweaks in game mechanics. Where do you have a mod that actually tries to balance out game's exploits and uselessness of various items as well as the triviality of the mechanics in the game? Where? 1) You could literally apply this to something like NMS to make the game sound better than it is. DS/DST IS story-driven, that was the whole idea with the characters and the lore that it has, otherwise, why have it? How is going from scarcity straight through to prosperity without intruiging and immersive game-play a good thing at all? Instead of prosperity, why shouldn't the game urge you to progress forward, instead of settling down and expanding what is within your control? Why is this a good thing? So many games allow for this because the development of the content is so simple and lazy. Moreover no, you don't have the option to play like you want. You're restricted to meleeing pretty much everything all the time for one, most stuff you'd be interested in taking use of is useless, players end up playing the exact same way and get triggered when someone plays differently than them because the method is inferior, demanding that others attain their "eliteness" that relies on exploits and grinding. 2) (this also applies to "well serviced demand") This is exactly what is WRONG with these games. There's no reason for innovative and careful designing of great experiences, but rather just taking a some-what suitable concept, throwing it out there, re-skinning various assets, continuing with the idea of encouraging exploits and grinding, narrowing down the experience to almost one single route to take that is not that exciting, but is comforting the mega-base builders' boners. 3) It is their fault for giving into it. It's a trend that will always go through if the developers allow it, because the nature of a player typically is to demand more comfort, not more challenge, instinctively. It is then onto the developers to make sure they don't let this happen to their games, and in this case, Klei have let it slip through. No more do they seem to have that much care about how well the games are designed as an art-form, it's about what's the easiest to make and sell in order to comfort the fanbase in their already-comfortable state, leaving the games with truly awful game design. This is a perpertual cycle of dulled down content, lowering down the quality bar for what makes entertainment good. What I find ironic is that the statement applies to DST; the idea that the game is way too much about melee. But in DS/DST's case, it's the simplicity and constant push by the game towards boring, repetitive melee tactics that make it ever-less so exciting to play. How about if you looked at the game as actually content to be critically reviewed, everyone: instead of what the games allows you to do and how much it turns you on from the comfort you can achieve, ask: how well is the content designed to fit the survival narrative, does the game guide the player well in any form, how fair is the game in terms of its mechanics in relation to the situation that the player is in, how well and to what extent is the art good and consistent, does the game game encourage progression and how well does it do so, how good is the game at maintaining the experience etc.