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  1. Some dude came in as WX, the rest of the team got to the boarior with pigs by having him around and resurrecting him occasionally. He just went to a corner, seemingly put a rock or something on the F key and did nothing else, know this as he did not move unless enemy went nearby and did not use special attacks. Would this be considered botting and something Klei would not allow? You cannot win like this because of how Swineclops works I think, but I'm sure you can at least get past rhinos. Tanking is more or less the easier job until swineclops, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that idling with a rock on the F key could get you this far. With this in mind, may be a vote-kick and player-replacements would be welcomed mechanics if Forge were to come back once more. I've seen some "Wilson afk xp farm" servers too. I understand xp farm for people who have the quest for getting to use all 3 types of weapons as Wilson, but the "afk" bit sounds rather suspicious.
  2. For something that looks pretty terrifying, spider monkeys are pretty squishy. It would be great if they had more health, but dropped more silk and glands. For some reason their nests are tied to webbed jungle trees of sorts, which doesn't really work; you have giant gorilla things residing in tiny trees? Really? Rather, what if they: 1) Ran around during dusk and night. 2) Instead of trees, they would climb and fall down from some of he giant pillars, which would be surrounded by spider webs. Some trees nearby could still be full of webs though, and if you start chopping one of them or step on their webs, one of them would come down with a thud to get you if it's during the day. This could REALLY make them scary! And may be you could rename them to Spiderillas or something along the lines? Spider Monkey just doesn't seem so suitable for these monstrosities. And it seems like vines are a bit of a farming mechanism, which is a bit of a pitfall, honestly, so perhaps the creatures in the dangerous jungle could regenerate health, aside from vines, which would die and respawn elsewhere? Or perhaps have them not spawn so much inside of an area with other creatures in there.
  3. Finally, after all this time, Hamlet comes in and flips things around (aside from bad framerate, but we won't talk about bad framerate); balance is generally on-spot, the game is engaging and dangerous and playing as intended usually ends up being the most fun, risky, yet optimal way to progress and the theme is well adapted. It would be great if Klei could take a look at vanilla, other DLCs and DST too to rebalance the game in such an elegant way that Hamlet has been done. DST has its funding through skins, but perhaps, in the long run, single player too could have that available? If you have a skin you would be able to use it for both games if it's applicable to an item/structure that is in both games, this way Klei could have some of the funding to take a look at rebalancing the content and finally fixing up SW.
  4. Why aren't these Gorge Belongings skins?

    I have used up spools for other skins, and that is irrelevant to the topic. Things being overpriced BY OTHER PLAYERS has nothing to do with Klei's price set.
  5. I'm kind of stunned as to why these aren't skins: * Having the drying rack have the cookpot hanger skin from The Gorge, it would really make a difference for making your base look fancy and Victorian. * Fancy victorian pickaxe! While it might not have been a prominent tool in the event, neither were many of the other things that were reskinned. This would complete the main 3 tool collection! * Golden versions of the tool skins! Besides, looking at it now, it seems like a bit of a ripoff too; 7 elegants for almost double the price of the 5 elegants you got from the valentine's chest, not cool!
  6. [Game Update] - 276457

    Man, it sure would be nice if the cookbook saved and showed you the NOT cravings and what you get for NOT satisfying a craving as, right @V2C?
  7. [Game Update] - 276158

    Kind of late for all of that, don't you think? The event ends in like what, 4 days? So unless you're bringing it back at some point, this seems like some time wasted. Funny how long it takes to realise obviously inferior traits for characters that none would want to pick because of. Ech, we're too lazy, why not make this more automated Nah, you're confusing the end of summer sales on steam with the end of The Gorge event on DST.
  8. Not long ago, I tried with a friend to set up some different settings for a world with changed world settings. I wrote the changes for both caves and overworld. Both applied correctly, except that viewing the world settings for caves, while on the server selection screen doesn't show the changed settings. The overworld settings were possible to view correctly, however. I know changed settings were applied as we got more Slurtles and Batilisks all over the caves than usual, but the server on the selection screen shows it as if the changes were not applied and as if they are set to "Default". My friend hosts from a Mac OS, though I play from Windows. I've attached the cave and overworld worldgenoverride.lua file just in case for you to test.
  9. I think that if single player had tweaks and bug fixes being done for it like it is for DST, it wouldn't be considered dead even if you announced a new DLC a day before it is done. It's when seemingly no attention is being given to something when it can look abandoned. I can see how you guys have a lot to tackle, though DST and a lot of other stuff seems to get much more attention than single player DS, generally speaking. And single player has a lot of bugs already from SW alone. Adding another DLC will just stir the pot even more. At this point everyone's gotten used to the idea that DS and DST are split, but may be if they weren't, then focus would be put onto one game. It's probably the best solution to the case, but at this point, would that be something that you could or would want to do and if so how...
  10. Probably best to announce something if it's like 1 or 2 months before they know for sure it to be released may be? Then the "coming soon" isn't really a let-down of any sort.
  11. What Winona needs

    ... ...? ...! P.S oops didn't notice the necropost... you shouldn't really be pissed about that anyway -_-
  12. [Game Update] - 247691

    @V2C after some testing, so far, Dragonfly, Bearger and Deerclops despawn after spawning in/being attacked/aggroing/attacking. Didn't happen to Goose though, killed 2 even without any problems.
  13. What Winona needs

    @Mr. Hastings could you make a video on how to draw in the artstyle of DS? I'm sure it could be useful for modders, since most mods include artwork that is very sloppy or doesn't fit the artstyle (some of Klei members included >.>), and I think a tutorial could help turn that around. Don't like this concept, but I like your art work here!
  14. I think you're all getting puffed up about this here without any hope in mind. Do you really think every player who is new to the game is going to come here to read 100s of wall of texts just to have fun playing a game? There might not be any "fun" left if you have that kind of expectations from people. I mean, look at how much walls I've been writing and how that turned out for me. I read walls of text myself if I want to see what points in them are laying, but even I'm not going to waste all day reading 8 pages of that ****. I think you should play however you like and just learn along the way; that's what fluid game design is for and is all about, but since this game has none and both the fanbase and the developers themselves don't to try to aknowledge that, I guess this being the result is no wonder. Just enjoy the bloody game, if you can, I mean, you probably payed for it anyway. Blame the game, not the player