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Found 8 results

  1. So, I've been working on how my Character would play out in DST but I'm a bit stumped on how to actually code it in. So, if anyone knows, Would you be so kind to reply and answer these: How can I make the prototyping sanity gain smaller? How do I animate with Spriter? Is there a way I can make an event happen around my character? (Ex: My character is a set distance from something and one of his mechanics comes into play)
  2. Hi Can wet dogs dry out when they shake and consequently end up wetting you if you are too close? That's just it. Thank you for your attention. Edit: There is no point in using Eyebrella, as it is like the fog of the hamlet (comes from the sides). So drop your backpack, and get a raincoat if you don't want to get wet.
  3. Dear don’t starve together team, For the past three to four years, I have seen this game grow, mature and expand upon what don’t starve originally was, and with the Return of Them series of updates, I thought I’d come up with a ‘few’ ideas of my own to pitch to you guys, please read this all the way through before coming to a conclusion, I spent a few hours on this list, though I don’t have a full understanding of how the code works. Anything you see here is yours to take, I am giving you these ideas, Im not even asking for a thank you if you do want to use them. Anyways, on with the show! Wind mechanics This idea came up when I began to think about the logistic side of the below, and as building blocks, I came up with wind mechanics! This is a mechanic that would happen for the most part (small breezes occasionally in other two months) during spring and summer and would work for and against the land. There would be a boss that is spawned on land or by the shores which after defeating would drop an item that for a chunk of durability could calm or change wind directions. This mechanic is different from shipwrecked wind as it wouldn’t move objects on land, instead would just move objects around the shores and will push floating objects in the sea towards land. During high winds it is suggested not to sail, as goose Woodie will sink almost immediately. This mechanic is not needed, but strongly supports lower ideas. Land mass size change Smaller land masses should be able to break off mainland, but there should be a minimum and maximum for how or large the over all land mass can be, and how far the land can over all shift on the map. Can be stopped around areas by building walls around land in the sea (that break down over time.) Special walls can be crafted when venturing to the island, giving more reason to visit the lunar island and biomes. Over time, unprotected land that has been warn down by sea will turn in to a sandier/ dirtier turf (depending on biome/ turf) Specific and unique islands can build up over time with different turf or plants. Cons to basing near ocean: your base can be easily broken if left unprotected from erosion and protecting bases from erosion can be expensive if you’re not willing to take a visit to the island. Giving players a reason to build bases around ocean instead of just building your base in the center of land: ocean breeze, you heat up slower in summer, and your base will have a harder time catching on fire, though it would raise players ‘wetness’ ever so slowly, something preventable by the smallest amount of water protection (i.e. football helmet.) This mechanic should be made a priority to have as an optional mechanics, as some players computers may not be able to run it (depending on how it would run) or if people are playing solo, this could end up being overwhelming for just one player, though the game is called don’t starve together, not just don’t starve. Under water geysers Biome full of small underwater volcanos which will occasionally spurt up burning volcanic water, killing surrounding fish and doing major, if not lethal damage to its surroundings. Will eventually build up land mass over time, creating small unique islands. A new type of hostile creature will surround this ocean biome until it has enough land to swim up on the surface , this creature is unlike any other, something Klei referred to when describing the update to contain, “terrifying monstrosities.” Electronics corrosion Honestly this would just help make a great name with, “erosion and corrosion” as the update. mechanics wise, this would let “machine” type items that require fuel to last longer over all with (any) fuel/ having a higher max amount of fuel over all, but if an the “machine” is left to idle, or is out of fuel for too long, it will eventually corrode, requiring something to fix it. Other Please Please PLEASE let boss creatures/ giants swim! The addition of water could possibly teach new players to avoid giants by hopping across a boat/ building boat bases instead of fighting the bosses, instead of killing and learning boss kiting patterns. Boss health scaling, something that is self-explanatory and probably requested often. More interactions between the land and ocean? Aerodynamic boats that take more force and power to turn, but will move faster overall (possibly smaller as well?) PLEASE MAKE ANR OCEANS OPTIONAL. Why Care? You may be aware, but a complaint I have often seen for the recent string of updates has been “why should we care about the lunar island?” This type of update would help push players to explore the lunar islands, as even recently I had a friend tell me how they had never visited the lunar island as they heard there was nothing meaningful enough there to improve the gameplay cycle. A mechanic like this would change late game up by a significant, totally changing priorities and giving players more to do and giving them more freedom. As an older veteran of the game, a common complaint I have heard with dst within the last year+ has been, “Klei is making Don’t starve too easy!” And while I see some of these complaints to be true, I find that an update like this would give enough challenge to the type of players wanting a difficult experience, while not being too hardcore as to drive newer, or players in general away. Thank you if you read all the way through this, and please take this in to consideration! This is also nearly 1000 words, sorry for making you read all of this.
  4. When they are wild they hide on any land at day right? so i think shoud be nice if hatchs could hide on that farms tile for a period and gains some good status for that.
  5. Whaler

    Version 1.45


    Warning this mod uses some language and graphic quotes, if you do not approve then don't download. You play as the whaler from dishonored (after the events anyway) who's taking a chance to make as much gold as he can before his powers fade away forever. More lore here that's being overlooked and you really just want to just jump to his stats and abilities (jeeze I spent over a month working on this man). Supernatural Powers: +You have access to 8 different powers that give you the edge over your enemies and frankly your fellow players. ~Many powers require the Prestihatitator for the first tier of upgrades and the shadow manipulator for the second tier -Your powers run off of sanity, so once you reach below 100 sanity you can't use them anymore Assassin: -You start off with 100 hitpoints and won't last long in combat -HUGE DISADVANTAGE: You prefer to be lightweight and fast, thus you reject many armors, weapons, headwear, and statue parts to carry or wield. Limiting your choices severely! (Its recommended to be experienced in order to survive) The End: -You didn't get here by normal means, and the (dst) world knows that. Once you die the world will get rid of you and return you the character select screen without the whaler being an option. Your mission is a high reward and high risk afterall, you could restart the server and rollback but if you die a lot this disadvantage will get to you. (This disadvantage also makes death meaningful again). Stats: Health: 100 -> max 140 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 300 -> max 360 Notes: The mod will conflict with anything trying to tell health of mobs as the summoned assassin's aren't in their recorded lists. Strangely the game crashes upon closing it down but there's no error in the report, whether this is concerning is unknown as the game has no problems starting up and loading the character. it is recommended to add this mod for maximum use of all items: Updates: Unknown at this time. Refer to the discussions links below for more info: Will this mod be on don...*covers your mouth* Let me make it clear that I'm not going to waste my time on the single player due to the pushback on the stalker mod and quite frankly that game's player base is dwindling more and more. I could say more negative reasons but I'll hold back. Also checkout Mindmaster's mod: My other work: Special thanks once more to mr Saval for the artwork, mindmaster for ai experimentation, Arkane Studios for the character and music, and thanks from the musha mod that inspired some of the code.
  6. Mechanic change proposal mods

    Version 0.1.0


    The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process. The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form. The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with. Mod contents Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file WARNING: The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods. If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know. Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding. If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome. You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.
  7. Hey everyone ! It's been a month and it's a really great and addictive game ! But everytime I play it, I wish there were a way to note things on the map, location of a concentration of rabbit-hole, buffalos, hot points, items I let on the ground etc.
  8. I suggest the addition of a combat roll. This would allow the player to roll in any given direction at the cost of some food. The roll would be activated by pressing Z, the direction you wish to roll in. The roll would be faster than traditional movement, however a small cool down would need to be in place to avoid it being abused. This I believe would give the combat mechanics a greatly needed boost.