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Plastic tile heats up/cools down an abyssalite pipe

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tl;dr Abyssalite pipes embedded in plastic tiles will change temperature fast enough for it to be visible.

Plastic tiles with pipes embedded in them clearly exchange heat with the pipes incredibly quickly. For granite pipes, the temperatures of tile and pipe change pretty much at the same time (I didn't see a single frame of them not being equalized). For abyssalite pipes, the temperature change is over hundred times faster than in oxygen and visible to "naked eye".

This is similar to what @Kasuha observed with non-abyssalite pipes in abyssalite tiles. This also doesn't seem to be happening to non-pipes: a wire bridge in plastic tiles will not equalize their temperature immediately, despite lower specific heat and higher conductivity.

This suggests that pipe-tile interaction is handled in some different way from other temperature interactions. It may be using a product of conductivities instead of minimum. The code samples that were used as evidence that minimum of conductivity is used are in class ConduitTemperatureManager, which only really covers interactions of conduits (pipes) with their contents. Still, @Sevio's experiments have shown that iron wire bridge is better at heat conduction than a wolframite one, so it's likely that this weird behavior is limited to pipe-tile interactions.

I don't really see a good way of utilizing that, though. The bottleneck is still the conductivity of the fluid in pipe. With liquid phosphorus, the bottleneck would be wolframite pipe and the temperature range would be just 30C wide.

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9 minutes ago, chemie said:

With the pipe or the material in the pipe?


Meaning hot water in abyssalite would push heat out into plastic but not other materials?  Sounds like a reason to never use plastic tiles.

No, just the default temp of the pipe and the temp of the plastic tile. Moving abyssalite temp around even where possible is still practically worthless.

But granite+plastic might have value in somewhere.

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Been looking for any holes in the system but all I can tell is that there might be a bug
with the simulator's handling of the ModifyBuildingEnergy message which is only used by the air conditioner and conduits.

I'm sure that tiles having their own special temperature handler is related to the problem.

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