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  1. Duplicate of: Which is apparently already fixed in a future build.
  2. In the Rocketry Update, I've noticed that pipes, conveyors, wires and so on are not shown behind window tiles anymore. I'm not sure if this is for performance reasons but it would look better if the pipes etc were shown again as in the Expressive Update.
  3. The display for Time Remaining when a rocket is underway (and after it returns) shows more and more "Time Remaining" lines every time you check it in the starmap.
  4. I searched for "exosuit" related bug reports before making this, unfortunately that bug report doesn't appear to contain that word!
  5. When you send an astronaut on a mission while wearing an exosuit, on return the astronaut will exit the rocket without their exosuit.
  6. I've been filling up the Telescope with oxygen for a while now in a test world, while having a duplicant research some stuff. So far it's past 600 kg of oxygen and counting! That seems like a really excessive amount of oxygen to store, even worse than the exosuit dock and especially since it will all vanish into space if the player discovers their telescope is poorly placed and needs to deconstruct it.
  7. One of the first things I noticed as I started a new colony, I decided to make a feedback thread about that very topic right away:
  8. Polluted water used to hold 50% more energy per degree C/F than normal water, now it is the same. The nerf to specific heat capacity also means that you no longer magically lose energy when you turn polluted water into clean water. That is what made polluted water boilers create net cooling. It also made water sieve cooling systems excessively powerful but they still work due to fixed output temperatures.
  9. It allows you to use big transformers the same way we do in Cosmic, doesn't it? Smart battery on the small side with automation turning it on whenever a charge is needed, turns off when battery is full. The fast charge rate of 4 kW reduces uptime and thus heat generation of the transformer. The fact it is more than the 2 kW a conductive wire can handle doesn't matter if you put a battery on the small side and use automation to turn off the transformer since the circuit will still go over 2 kW if you have too many consumers. If you want to be sure you can't overload a 2 kW conductive wire when you have consumers >2 kW, you now have the option to use 2 small transformers. But you still can't use a battery on the small side for automating them since that risks overload again. It also makes the big transformer much more useful as a step-up transformer. With 4 kW charge rate, you can put up to 5 hydrogen generators or 10 hamster wheels behind a big transformer to charge your heavi-watt net if you prefer not to run heavi watt wires to the generators.
  10. I can appreciate power transformers now more correctly doing what they say on the tooltip. If you don't stick a battery on the low side, that means you're guaranteed not to overload your circuit, and you can now use them to step up from a generator or two + battery connected with normal cables to industrial wire. But since we're now going to need a lot more transformers and a transformer+battery with automation is now less viable for heat reduction, I would like the disproportional heat generation by the transformers addressed. This needs to be less and also proportional to the average current going over the transformer.
  11. Can we divide our dupes between a morning shift and evening shift so we can have some available for jobs throughout the day?
  12. I wonder if it would make more sense to feed (sage) hatches actual food like meal lice or bristle berries. Is the equivalent resource mass they consume via food more or less than feeding them dirt or fertilizer (via dirt/pH2o/phosphorite) directly?
  13. Ah thank you, that's good to know. Now that you explain it, it does seem like my gases bunch up less into corners, but it's still useful to have a slight bias to help with natural filtering of Co2 out of my living area.
  14. What is the horizontal air flow change? I don't see anything mentioned in the changelog.
  15. It looks like Drecko ranching is now mandatory for sustainable farming with farm stations. Phosphorite is now required to make fertilizer. On the flip side, much less overall water drain from making fertilizer, putting water sieves in the spotlight again.