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  1. Rose skin price in market is imba, pls nerf
  2. Slicksger need temperature above 35c to survive
  3. time to make new base tommorow then, comfy bed need some love, hope most crash bug is fixed and small improvement bout optimization will be great. keep up the good work
  4. i have i5 4460, 16gb ram, gtx 960 there a something i learn how to get better fps, decreasing gas movement, dont build many hydrogen loop inside the base (pipe movement) heat exchanging, when excavate outside base, just make 3 space wide with ladder, dont dig all the tile you not use, the more tile you open the more heat and gas exchange, the more calculation bog the proccessor dont queue too many task for dupe, including storage/material lying around i guess klei need to make custom map size (small, half, default), current map is imposible to clear out (100% fog clear) without decreasing fps
  5. I mean, the generator still burning and produce power, even battery is full, as long there a small thing between powerlines consume power like 10w lamp, no matter how much you set the threshold Try it, coal gen ----- lamp ----- battery. I dont know its bugged or intended feature Because the lamp is requesting power from coal gen, not from battery where the right thing to do How its supposed to do, threshold on coal gen work is to make like this Coal gen ----- battery ----- lamp It does happen on manual generator too, i dont know if they already fixes this Since now i always put generator straight to batteries, and nothing between the lines
  6. omg i love every of this, most is known major bugs keep up the good work
  7. Just round up everything in per second, i know this is not perfect scenario, where there bottleneck and standby period, yeah because not everything run at 100% on same time. Well based on their stats , i think i got the big pictures. Chill
  8. edited the pic with update. so run down all power generation in the game, i think we need more advance power plant, all we have now its too based on resource. the best power net now is natgas geyser since unlimited resource, maybe next is steam generator since we already have plastic/polymer? or nuclear power plant with radiation act like germs
  9. i better make new topic its derail from main topic about update, gonna move now
  10. yeah i dont know exact number for natgas geyser, i usually using 2, if i using 3 generator, the gas from geyser will run out so if 160+add 1 fetilizer so natgas geyser can run 3 generator
  11. ok got it, i hope im not wrong, its based on how many carbon skimmer is needed, just randomly using photoshop i know this just stupid math, since we cant calculate the liquid or gas travel in second, depend on how long pipe any comment, correct me if im wrong, im just dumb for math
  12. my head is hurt can someone give me "noob calculation" counting waste,heat and resource with numbers is painful ok, with single carbon skimmer can run 3 natgas gen,so 9 fetilizer synth
  13. Pharma chamber(old rejunevator) seems just better version than medical bed, without healing HP. I dont know they changed in oil update. And now they balance the oil well, its using petrol generator worth now?. Can someone enlightment me, iam bad at math. How many cost net power plus clearing the waste VERSUS natgas generator using pol.water - fertilizer - nat gas gen. I want steaming all my polluted water for powering oil well
  14. This oil-plastic is too much engineering for contain the waste output they produce, can we get output pipe? , making specialize room for them thus require dupe labor is too complicated , and end product its not wise balance for end game stuff suit not needing plastic , its end game stuff there, but we can built it on early on Animal trapper its useless when the time we already reach end game and trap all hatch without it
  15. Plastic is easily overheating, maybe they melt and become liquid naptha