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Firstly, a huge thank-you to Klei's Don't Starve team. I'm sure I am not the only player of your beloved single-player game who appreciates tremendously that you are continuing to update after a strong 4 years. I still remember the time when Klei said they would continue to update the game for only 2 years and look at where you guys are at now. Much love <3

Anyways, with the recent addition of Crocodogs, the vicious-amphibious variant of Hounds in the Shipwrecked beta, I feel we should also get a variant of Krampus in Shipwrecked. As it stands now, if you reach the naughtiness threshold while sailing, you will hear just the warning for Krampus and keep the current naughtiness points. Krampuses do not even ambush you immediately after exiting your boat. I believe that this is the prime time for Klei to add deadly Krampuses chasing you for your Jellyfish-killing/Whale-hunting acts of evil. :wilson_evil:

Also, it's been a while since I have posted here!

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