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  1. Not sure what happened here. Maybe something to do with Tuber trees?
  2. Welcome to the forums! There is no real nice way to say this, so please do not post on old threads. (aka necrobumping) It pushes other threads down and is very impolite to the other people in this forum. EDIT: RIGHT after posting this, I realized that I was necrobumping also... oops btw, try turning off small textures in the settings menu and restart your game
  3. I was watching a stream yesterday and they said that thermal stones are interesting. I see why now. I like to always make a thermal and wonder why I am in first stage freezing sometimes after only a few minutes. Now I see why.Thank you!
  4. Wow. This is beautiful!
  5. Same here man.
  6. Sorry! That wasn't my intention. *facepalm* I meant this art is beyond perfect! Darn brain..
  7. Now that I have gotten a taste of Krampus spawning, I do vote for a buff. 1% is WAYY too small a chance. Changing the drop rate to 10% would make a HUGE difference. I know Klei doesn't want to turn DS into a grinding game, but getting a Krampus sack is quite the grind. Like 106 Krampus kills- No sack grind.
  8. Every piece of art you make a baby laughs. This art is beyond perfect. The colors. The shading. The.. The.... INSANITY!!!!!!!! But back to the point; This art is stunning to look at. The art even has a sprinkle of humor and cuteness!
  9. Since my suggestions aren't getting recognition, I decided to post them here. Hopefully you don't mind 366107044:)What about a slingshot?Sling"Shoot things"3 twigs4 silk1 ropeAllows you to throw rocks from your inventory automatically. The rocks have a 30% chance of disappearing when shot. Or you can load the slingshot with a bee mine manually.-Shooting out rocks do 20 damage-Shooting out bee mines do 30 damage-30 uses-If you do not load the slingshot and you have both bee mines and rocks in your inventory, rocks will be shot by default.It's like a bow. Except not mainstream. What do you guys think?
  10. This is actually really good! Looking forward to more.
  11. A little bit of Paradise

    Gorgeous screenshot. That right there's a keeper.
  12. I don't know if it's just me, but the "Insane Injection" idea sounds pretty morbid for a game like Don't Starve.
  13. I love these suggestions. Maybe more shadow manipulator recipes?Shadow staff:Shadow manipulator tech requiredShoots out a projectile similar to that of a Clockwork Bishop.4 Nightmare fuel1 Purple Gem1 Spear1 Living Log-2 sanity/minute-2 sanity each use45 damageLiving walls:Shadow manipulator tech requiredAny mob that touches this wall with take 10 damage/second (Player, Chester, Treeguards, Abigail, Hallucinations not included)1 Nightmare fuel2 Living Logs1 RopeRecipe makes 8 Living walls.Rockbelly potion:Alchemy engine tech requiredLasts for 1 day. Hunger meter has a gray hue and will not decrease/increase. -10 sanity when consumed3 Rocks10 Honey1 Monster MeatDragonpotion:Alchemy engine tech required+75 Health when consumedYou cannot eat/consume (Honey poultice/Healing Salves/Other potions) anything for 60 seconds.5 Raw red Mushrooms3 Raw blue Mushrooms2 Dragonfruit1 HoneyFlux potion:Alchemy engine tech requiredLasts for 180 seconds. Damage intake is increased by 10%. Grants damage bonus of 25%. Speed is increased by 5%. (Kinda like an adrenaline effect)6 Honey4 Silk3 Spider glands2 Raw green mushroomsOnly one potion effect can be active at a time. If you consume a potion while an effect is already active, the active effect will wear off and the new one will take place.
  14. Presets!!!!!!

    I fixed it.
  15. favorite fire fuel

    Yes. Yes we do.