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  1. Not sure what happened here. Maybe something to do with Tuber trees?
  2. Welcome to the forums! There is no real nice way to say this, so please do not post on old threads. (aka necrobumping) It pushes other threads down and is very impolite to the other people in this forum. EDIT: RIGHT after posting this, I realized that I was necrobumping also... oops btw, try turning off small textures in the settings menu and restart your game
  3. I was watching a stream yesterday and they said that thermal stones are interesting. I see why now. I like to always make a thermal and wonder why I am in first stage freezing sometimes after only a few minutes. Now I see why.Thank you!
  4. Sorry! That wasn't my intention. *facepalm* I meant this art is beyond perfect! Darn brain..
  5. Every piece of art you make a baby laughs. This art is beyond perfect. The colors. The shading. The.. The.... INSANITY!!!!!!!! But back to the point; This art is stunning to look at. The art even has a sprinkle of humor and cuteness!
  6. This is actually really good! Looking forward to more.
  7. Wickerbottom's perk is great. Knowledge is power. And with that power, you can make a spear and logsuit on day 1 without wasting gold.