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Older servers, rot, twigs, lag and.. the Slipstor

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So you have your nice lil server, day 1000, a fine mega-base going on, killed all giants, all good, you're the king/queen of your world. And all looks great, isn't it?! Well, apart from all that rot-and-twigs madness now infesting said super 'kingdom', making every corner of it looking like the aftermath of a mad rave party: puke, puke all over! Yeah, no secret there, rot has the visual appealing of profusely gushing barf. And those damn Twiggy Trees, popping all over place, permanently PUFF!-ing 3 twigs on ground each.

What does all this mean, beside the aesthetic look of a post-modernist "work of art"?

LAG! You may not experience it too often or severe, but your friends half-and-earth distance surly do - you don't see them moonwalking for no reason when battling foes and "taking it like a champ".


So what to do?

Good thing you ask, my imaginary chat buddy! As I am here to ease your mind.

Enter the stage this guy - the Slipstor:


Now imagine: after first full year, when puke... I mean rot and twigs begin to pile up, the small, larvae-form-or-whatever-that-critter-is appears (Slip stage - slips in to "save the day"?!), and roams the land, "eating" rot and twigs from the ground. Basically a mob that cleans the landscape. And stores it, as I am sure the "but I need my rot and twigs" lot of you surely and rightfully will object. It eats more and more till it grows up at the second stage seen in that small gif, maybe a sign its inventory got full ("full belly"?!). And then it begins to be aggressive toward players. Or some other mechanic that shows players they can fight-harvest said rot-and-twigs (or befriend it, after which it will barf-give its inventory to you, like Catcoons?!). It doesn't mean it even needs to be this Slipstor(e) guy (Slips-in-and-stores, see what I did there?!); can be something else, but core proposed mechanics - "eating" of rot-and-twigs, Depths Worm style, needs to happen. That would certainly help with 'aging' worlds' lag plus keeping them neat.

Also this Slipstor gimmick would happen after 1 in-game full year-or-so, as newbies can still just pick rot-and-twigs of the ground and don't get bothered by harder fights vs a new mob/more advanced stuff.


What do you think?


PS: this mob could be made optional from world settings such as with other customizable WorldGen stuff, thus if one wants to just hand pick rot and twigs would set it to 0/none.

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The Slipstor. An ancient creature mentioned since the beginning.

A legendary creature that haven't been added up until this day.

Not even with mods can be added.

I don't know why Klei hasn't added the Slipstor yet. He looks awesome.

I want to know what Klei thinks from this creature and why haven't been added.

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Slipstor is the only reason DST was successful, his smile brought happiness to millions of people across the world! And what did Klei do to him in thanks? They killed him & swept him under the rug like he never existed, those dastards!

Don't worry Slipstor, we will always remember & one day avenge you for this injustice done against you!

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