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Psst! Any plans for the Switch?

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Do you think there's a chance of Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together coming to the Nintendo Switch?

It'd be great to play Don't Starve Together with a friend, anywhere, anytime. Heck, even Don't Starve on the go would be great!

  oh wait, the phone version exists, huh?

I'd probably purchase a Switch just for that opportunity, since I'm not in the house too often. :wilson_dorky:

I'd love to hear everybody else's thoughts on the matter!



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Hmmm I think others have beat you to it. Forum Post#1 #2 Reddit. I think Klei said, (in refined TL;DR form) "Later." I think it was on Facebook when asked about Switch & 3DS:

"We haven't been able to get our hands on the Switch yet so we're not sure at this time. We'll let everyone know if it happens though.

As for the 3DS, the hardware unfortunately isn't strong enough to simply port, and the amount of work to redo the game from scratch just for 3DS we feel is best put towards new content development.

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