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The infrastructure for volume setting has actually been there for a long time - if you have been playing for a while you may remember our original HTML gui where it was actually hooked up.

Well, in order to get the PC build up and running, we needed to replace the HTML front end with the native creepy-hand version. The first pass of this took me about a week to do, and I stopped as Soon as the bare minimum was working again. I didn't re-implement the volume controls because I didn't feel like making the widgets that it needed.

Then I got distracted with gameplay stuff for a couple of update cycles. Hooking up monsters is a hell of a lot more fun than hooking up interface widgets.

Anyway, in order to have a proper PC build you need to be able to select your resolution, so you need a spinner widget. Ju-lian wrote that, and then used it to re-hook the sound controls while he was at it. Yay!

This tells you a couple of things about the project:

a) Nobody really likes working on UI, so we all try to make each other do it.

b) I should probably try not to do 'a' as much, or Ju-lian will throw things at me during meetings, and will be justified in doing so.

c) The initial (buggy?) version of the PC build is probably not *too* far away. I can't say exactly when, but progress is definitely being made.

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