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  1. I got this error when trying to continue my game:Error: : data\scripts\brains\tallbirdbrain.lua:93: attempt to index field 'homeseeker' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\brains\tallbirdbrain.lua(93,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\behaviourtree.lua(182,1) in function 'Visit' data\scripts\behaviourtree.lua(608,1) in function 'Visit' data\scripts\behaviourtree.lua(543,1) in function 'Visit' data\scripts\behaviourtree.lua(22,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\brain.lua(185,1) in function 'OnUpdate' data\scripts\brain.lua(117,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\update.lua(92,1)
  2. I usually listen to music while playing this game. I would like to have the option to turn down the music and sound effects.
  3. I can catch butterfly now, thanks!
  4. I'm using the newest version of chrome. I got this error:Error: : data\scripts\prefabs\butterfly.lua:19: attempt to index field 'health' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\prefabs\butterfly.lua(19,1) in function 'onfinish' data\scripts\components\workable.lua(35,1) in function 'WorkedBy' data\scripts\actions.lua(233,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\bufferedaction.lua(19,1) in function 'Do' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(610,1) in function 'PerformBufferedAction' data\scripts\stategraphs\SGwilson.lua(533,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(414,1) in function 'UpdateState' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(436,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\stategraph.lua(98,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\update.lua(91,1)
  5. The game crash when I try to catch a butterfly with bug net.