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[Game Update] - 221697

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  • Algae Terrariums should once again absorb an appropriate amount of water from the world (if available) so that Dupes don't have to manually deliver to them
  • Algae Terrariums no longer absorb infinite water (this was fixed in the last patch but wasn't called out)
  • Air Scrubbers that were at max capacity before Monday's hotfix should work once again, though they will take a while to process all the CO2 they've accumulated in their storage


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23 minutes ago, FlexibleGames said:

If they're sitting in water, where do they get the CO2 from?

Usually you only half submerge them in water.  Also, they don't require CO2 to operate, they'll pump out oxygen without it.  As a side bonus they'll consume CO2 if it's nearby.

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Second update in a row that I've had to rebuild air scrubbers because they just wouldn't work after loading a game saved with the previous ONI version. Tried dismantling and rebuilding water pipe and power connections first to no avail. Annoying.

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On 29/06/2017 at 2:25 AM, The Flying Fox said:

Yes, this has always been a option, to my knowledge.  Just not widely known.

It's also worked on/off for some time :D Be careful not to place too many of them in close proximity to one another (i.e. leave a gap or 2 between them), otherwise they'll just go into O2 production mode, rather than the added benefit of eating your stanky CO2 ;) 

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