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In my last game, i questioned myself: do bees collect honey faster, when more flowers are around? At first, i thought, yes they do. But now i'm not sure. Has somebody experienced some field studies with flowers, bees and honey?

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Agreed. I've wanted to dig-up and replant flowers for some time now. I mean eating flower petals is hardly the best survival method. Better to have honey production associated with flowers and therefore create a need to either have beehive boxes near flower fields or go to the trouble of replanting flowers near your beehive box.

I wish catching them didn't kill the butterflies..

Agreed. But Kevin did mention something about "pockets full of bees". Maybe one day we'll have "pockets full of butterflies"? Personally though they should just allow us to replant flowers and increase the chances butterflies will spawn in an area based on the number of flowers.
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