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  1. well i put a **** load of traps around the spider nest and i hit it all the spiders came out and didnt get caught in it now i understand dont starve doesnt want us to harvest or stuff like that but i cant even kill a spider anymore im afraid im going to die so i need to know if theres a way i can catch them
  2. i used to get charcoal by making a campfire next to some trees but i tried it before and it doesnt work so i was wondering if theres a proper way to do it and if anyone has suggestions
  3. i was walking around i found a beefalo group and they were in this kind of sandy terrain so i was there for a while and then i went away next day i looked for it on the map and i couldn't really find it and i thought why dont you put the colours on the map like swampy terrain stone terrain normal terrain and sandy terrain so itd be easier to see where everything is
  4. i think alot of people would agree with me when i say that dont starve needs a better wiki when i need to find out wat something does i cant because the wiki isnt good enough i think we should all join in to make it better and keep adding things on so that the fellow dont starve players have some help
  5. yeah stay alive for 30 days and it just shoots up like i experienced
  6. yeah it sucked but im satisfied with how long i survived for now if youll excuse me im going to go into depression for the next week and refuse to play the game and then decide that im too bored without it lol
  7. so i was just uncovering my swamp island when a tentacle broke my armour and killed me but luckily i had my meat effigy so when i came back i went back to where i died and you guessed it while i was getting my stuff the tentacle killed me again -.-
  8. maybe the should keep the killing but also do ctrl click for catching them
  9. omg i killed all my bees and i only got 7 honey :'(
  10. yeah ive tried the flowers but it takes too long to pick them and ladyd they should totally put a chefs hat in the game
  11. i think everyone will agree with me that regenerating their health takes a while so i thought that maybe if you got all of your food up your health would automatically regenerate
  12. let me plant flowers for my bees! thanks